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Susan movie posters

Hi all..

I went to a local city fair this afternoon and one of the booths had vintage movie posters/photos, etc. I found two beautiful movie posters of Susan's films...One is from I'll Cry Tomorrow and the other is from "They Won't Believe Me"...The folks at the booth framed them for me also.. they are 11x13's. I was pretty proud of them. My husband took a photo of me holding them up, so if the photo turns out decently I'll post it just for fun. (I almost bought another one.. and now I wish I had.. it was a great poster of "Government Girl" which , of course, Jess Barker starred in... darn, I'm kicking myself!)

Re: Susan movie posters

Ginger: I hope they turn out well enough to show us! And I'm sorry you didn't get the "Government Girl" poster with Jess Barker, too. But hey, maybe next time.