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Bette Midler/Susan

Hi everyone..tonight I was watching an "Inside The Actor's Studio" with Bette Midler as guest. She was asked how she came to be called Bette. Bette said that her mother loved show business and when Bette and her sisters were born her mom named them after famous actresses. Bette was named for Bette Davis. One of the sisters was named Judy for Judy Garland, and the other sister was named Susan for.....you guessed it.. Susan Hayward.

Re: Bette Midler/Susan

I can only compliment Mrs.Midler on her good taste with choosing names for her daughters.


Re: Re: Bette Midler/Susan

Bette was pronounced Bet, because her mom did not realize Bette Davis' 1st name was actually pronounced Betty. Sadly, Bette's oldest sister Judy was visiting Bette in NYC in 1966 & was killed by a speeding car.

Re: Re: Re: Bette Midler/Susan

Steve..Thank you for the info re: Bette's sister and the reason for the pronounciation of Bette's name I've only watched the first half of the interview with Bette, so maybe she talks about her sister's death later. At pretty much the beginning of the interview she literally broke down emotionally when James Lipton asked her about a good friend of hers that had been killed.. Now, it could be I misunderstood.. maybe he had been asking her about the sister.. but I don't remember Bette referring to this person who had died as "Judy.".....It is an absolutely fasincating interview. It was so impressive to me, I guess, because I dreamed about Bette Midler all night long.. ha...anyway, I'll watch the rest tonight.