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Susan's movies

A while back you gave the name where one can get almost any movie. I believe the cost was around $40. I have misplaced the name, address and phone number. Does anyone remember it?


Re: Susan's movies

Jean...I think Errol was the one who gave that info.. It's back in some of the past pages on the message board if you want to look through them or if it's easier, you could just drop Errol a note. His email address is on his posts throughout the message board. I'm sure he can help you on this...Ginger

Re: Re: Susan's movies

I have since helped Jean with the address for these rare films. The orignal message was more or less 'dismissed' when the group was told they could probally get the same stuff from Larry Dennis, so I don't think anyone ever looked into this great offer. I'm certainly not knocking what Larry can do, but this place had 'rare films' that couldn't be gotten elsewhere, since it was a 'direct' link to the studios. I have been too poor to order, but plan to get "The High and the Mighty" and "Song of the South" as soon as I can get money to do so...Does Larry have access to these films? If so..I would gladly go throuh him...anyone know?? If not...I plan to use this wonderful source...Errol

Re: Re: Re: Susan's movies

Errol...I don't know if Larry would have these or not but he might. I haven't heard from him in quite a while. I believe he has been ill, but he may still be
helping people to get films. I know that his website is still up and his email address is on the site for which the url is given in the post on this message board "Larry's website".