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Susan Movie Alert: White Witch Doctor

Just a note that White Witch Doctor will be on the
Fox Movie Channel 6/19 @6:01 a.m., and again on
6/30 @3:18 p.m. (Eastern time).Wish I could get this channel. I saw this movie when I was a kid and I don't remember Robert Mitchum being in it at all! I just remember Susan at her plucky best, beautiful, and as an actress, doing her best to bring out what she considered the best in that character. I'd really like to see this one again.

Re: Susan Movie Alert: White Witch Doctor

You can often find these more rare films on ebay.. just search "Susan Hayward" on ebay.. there are pages and pages of items listed for her... often there are vhs and dvd items. Thanks for the info re: the White Witch Doctor schedule.

Re: Re: Susan Movie Alert: White Witch Doctor

Remember that great line from Bob Mitchum to Susan when they found that she could only take one trunk upriver by canoe.? One had her clothing and the other contained bibles for the mission. I can't recall exactly, but it was near enough to " Well what's it going to be ? Best dressed nurse in Africa or Onward Christian Soldiers ??


Re: Re: Re: Susan Movie Alert: White Witch Doctor

I do remember something like that line, Kerry. Two pictures of Susan's that I really liked a lot were "White Witch Doctor" and "The Lusty Men," and I think the reason was that Susan and Robert Mitchum had great screen chemistry.

What's surprising is that I read Mitchum gave Hayward a hard time and they really did not like each other.

Go figure.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Susan Movie Alert: White Witch Doctor

Hi Gloria...Yep..they were real good together and had a very dislike for one another off screen. When they did "The Lusty Men" there was a bargin that Mitchum would then come to Fox for a film with her. By the time they had finished the first one, they had a bitter dislike for one another..but..had to do the commitment of one at Fox...which was finally decided on..."White Witch Doctor"...Errol