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Hi...Ginger...I was wondering if there is any way I could send pics of the area where "The Conquerer" was filmed, since that is the very spot that the professional ampitheater TUACAHN now stands...and the location that I am doing my second year of professional stage shows.

I know we talked about those pics a long time ago. I had sent them to you...but I also know that you are very busy and if there was a way to send in emails that included pics, I could share them with the other fans here.

This may be something that can't be done..and if that is the case, if any of you fans of Susan would like to see what this area looks like now, I could send the pics directly to your email address. I have sent some to Gloria and Kerry, so if anyone else would like to see this area, please email me and I will be happy to just send them on to you.

In the meantime, Ginger, if you just want to respond here and tell me if this is a possibility or not..which I imagine it may not be..possible. I don't know that much about how sites are set up and how they work.



Hi Errol.. I really feel badly about not getting those pics on before we had to erase the computer last year and I lost them all!...anyway, if you want to send them to me via email, I'll try my best to get them online very soon. There is not a way to send them directly to the website. I would need to put them in directly from my computer. When you send them, please indicate any descriptive text, etc. and also, send to my roadrunner address which is rhaydon@kc.rr.com.....Thanks!!


Hi Ginger...You have no reason to feel bad. I just feel bad that you lost so many things off your computer.

I will be happy to send some of the pics that I think might be interesting to the fans..and will give some info on the shots.