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Garden of Evil, House of Strangers & Soldier of Fortune

Garden of Evil will be repeated on AMC on Thursday,
7/22 @3:45 a.m and 1:30 p.m., Eastern time
What a great film, and great co-stars!

House of Strangers (Edward G. Robinson, Richard Conte, et al,) will be on the Thrillermax on 7/19 @ 5:20 a.m., and 7/22 @11:50 p.m., Eastern time

Soldier of Fortune on Fox Movie Channel 7/26 & 7/27
Pretty believable, especially since she never set foot in Hong Kong! I understand she wanted to film her scenes in Hollywood, so she could be near her sons.

Re: Garden of Evil, House of Strangers & Soldier of Fortune

I'm not sure about this, Cindy, but as I recall it, the reason Susan did not do her scenes in Hong Kong was that her husband, Jess Barker, whom she was divorcing, filed a motion with the court to keep her from taking her sons with her to Hong Kong, and she would not go without them.

As I say, that's the way I think it went.

I wish she and Gable had made other films together. They made a good team, he with that crooked grin that said, "I'll bring you down to size, sister," and she with that "Not in this lifetime, buster."

Re: Re: Garden of Evil, House of Strangers & Soldier of Fortune

Yes, Gloria, I think you are right about the reason Susan couldn't go to Hong Kong...well, if you can believe what you read, then it's true. I love the Gable and Hayward combination. I wish they had made more films together.

Thanks to Cindy for the movie info.