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The Marriage-Go-Round

The Marriage-Go-Round
105 minutes- NR, USA, 1960

Directed by Walter Lang and starring
Susan Hayward, James Mason, Julie Newmar
Robert Paige, June Clayworth, Joe Kirkwood Jr
Everett Glass, Ben Astar, John Bryant, Mary Patton

A professor learns that he has been singled out by a Swedish student as the ideal paternal candidate for her baby.

Tue Aug 10 12:15P on HBO Comedy
Sun Aug 15 04:45A on HBO Comedy
Tue Aug 24 07:00A on HBO Comedy

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Re: The Marriage-Go-Round

I would be interested to hear what anyone who views this movie or has seen it before, thinks of it.
For me, it was the least satisfying leading screen role for Susan Hayward.

Meant to be a sexy comedy, I found it quite unfunny.
(And why cast James Mason, a brilliant dramatic player, in a light comedy which is the one area of acting in which he rarely shone.?)


Re: Re: The Marriage-Go-Round

Hi Kerry...Yes, I think something is lacking in this film.. there just isn't enough chemistry.. well practically zilch between Susan and James Mason.. ha..the one "close" moment to me where they actually connected was at the last when they were on the patio and he was teasing her about being from Brooklyn and she went right into her Brooklynese."... otherwise,, YAWN..Susan lacked comedic skills even though she gave it a try from time to time. Comedy wasn't her strongpoint.....maybe if she had been give more opportunity, she would have gotten better at it.

Re: Re: Re: The Marriage-Go-Round

Hi! I just saw this film recently, and even though I taped it, I thought it was pretty bad. Although, I'm sure it was considered a "little racy" for 1960...why, having a child and not getting married! Had to be a little shocking "way" back then! Actually, I thought Susan did the best she could with the role. And I do think she could do comedy-has anyone seen Sis Hopkins or I Married a Witch? I thought she handled being a good "bad girl" pretty well, and she was so cute being bad! Just thought I would add my 2 cents! Any comments?

Re: Re: Re: Re: The Marriage-Go-Round

Hello Cindy

I agree that Susan did the best possible with the role in question. Even in films that were much less than great like "Valley of the Dolls" and "The Honey Pot" etc her screen presence was good.

As Ginger mentioned,there was zilch chemistry between the leads, James Mason who shone in the right roles was terrible in comedic ones and Susan's strengths were far more highly evident in dramatic roles.
But I also agree that in her rare comic styled parts she delivered a good performance, and certainly could have suited the style more than many dramatic contempories. Can you imagine Barb Stanwyck or Joan Crawford for example outdoing Eve Arden or Lucille Ball in getting us to giggle ?? LOL