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"Good Times...and Bad Times...I'm Still Here!"

Like Yvonne de Carlo sang in FOLLES..."I'm still here"

Ginger I sent you my address and it will remain the same as before, since there have been some changes. I was going to Jackson Hole, Wy. to do "CAT BALLOU" but now have gotten a better offer to stay at Tuachan, here in Utah and do "SINGIN' IN THE RAIN" for the fall show.

Thought I would leave this message on here for you and Kerry, since he thought I was traveling by stagecoach to Jackson Hole too!

I will have more time now and will get back with the wonderful people on your site again.

I can't wait to get a copy of your c/d...YOU deserve a career with the wonderful talents that you have! Like I told you...so glad it finally has happened for you! May there be many more!!

All My Best....Errol

Re: "Good Times...and Bad Times...I'm Still Here!"

Ah that explains it - I asked the coach company to fax a list of their Utah pick-up passengers which is shown here -

John Wayne, Claire Trevor, Thomas Mitchell, George Bancroft, John Carradine, Andy Devine, Donald Meek, Louise Platt, Berton Churchill, Tim Holt, Tom Tyler, Chris-Pin (Ethier Crispin Martini) Martin, Francis Ford, Jack Pennick. -

and when I did not see your name, I wondered what had happened ?

(Probably just as well - it looks like a fairly boring group of traveling companions - I mean it's not like you would have been riding with any celebs or stars ) LOL


Re: "Good Times...and Bad Times...I'm Still Here!"

Errol...thanks.. I got the address and thank you for your kind comments...will get the cd mailed this week. Thanks again! Ginger

Re: "Good Times...and Bad Times...I'm Still Here!"

Hi, Errol. Glad to hear you're still here. For awhile I thought you might have run into Susan, Ty Power and little Callie on the stagecoach.