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"Where Love Has Gone"

I came across this on a website, has anyone else heard this happened??... It was no secret that Davis and Hayward loathed one another. Different sources give different reasons for their feud. Was it because Davis resented playing Hayward's mother (she was only ten years older than Hayward) or was it because Hayward was insecure about sharing the screen with a star like Davis? It's difficult to say, but by Davis's own account, after her last scene with Hayward, she ripped off her gray wig and threw it in Hayward's face. With a hearty "F--k you," she walked away from her co-star and was finished with the production.

Re: "Where Love Has Gone"

Unfortunately it is quite a while since I have read the bios on both women, so cannot recall what caused the bad blood between them initially.

Bearing in mind that Bette was utterly unforgiving of any real (or imagined) slight, Susan hayward was only one of many stars (mainly female) who feuded with her.

Bette's dramas with Crawford, Bankhead etc are well known and even Esther Williams fell foul of her. At one stage Bette thought Esther was after Gary Merrill (untrue as Williams was happily married at the time)and years later Esther and Fernando Lamas met Ms.Davis at a party. Fernando introduced Esther to Bette again who totally ignored her, turned to Fernando and said " You are so gorgeous - what on earth are you doing with HER ??"

I had to chuckle at a line from John Mills bio when he said about acting with Bette Davis " I was never so scared in my life. And I was in the war.!!"


Re: Re: "Where Love Has Gone"

Hi Everyone! My shows are over until next summer, so I hope to be over here quite often now!

I just wanted to put in my two cents on this fued thing! I'm sure there was more than one reason for it. The word around Hollywood, in those days, was that it started waaay back when one reporter had discribed Susan as a 'Bargin Basement Bette Davis'...and of course, Bette was thrilled!

Then there was the thing, way later on, when Susan did the remake of Bette's "Dark Victory"...called "Stolen Hours". That film was so close to Susan's real death, that I still find it hard to watch.

Then with "Where Love Has Gone"...Susan got the top billing, which she should have. I think, paring them together, was like the paring of Davis and Crawford for "Baby Jane"...The studio wanted sparks to fly for more publicity...so in the long run who really knows if there was that much trouble between the two.

We all know how Susan was always prepared and was there to shoot the film...NOT..to make friends. I have always thought that Susan wanted to show Davis and the movie going public that she was NEVER a 'Bargin Basement...anything'.

Our great Susan had no problem stealing the scenes from The Great Bette...and I think that's what made the fur fly (oh, no...it was...'the wig' fly) at the end of the filming. Errol

Re: "Where Love Has Gone"

According to their co-star Michael "Touch" Connors , the reason for the feud was that Bette was jealous of Hayward because Susan was so much better looking, which seems a little odd, since Hayward was renowned for her beauty, while Bette, who actually was quite attractive looking ,never was.