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Divas and Darlings

The A&E biography of Susan Hayward will be shown on the Biography channel next week. See the schedule below.. eastern standard times.

Divas & Darlings
Susan Hayward
Actress Susan Hayward wins stardom with an hourglass figure and Oscar-caliber talent. 60 minutes in length.

Mon Jan 17 08:00P on Biography Channel
Tue Jan 18 12:00A on Biography Channel

Re: Divas and Darlings

Ginger: I think I'm the only person in the U.S. who doesn't have cable TV, so I bought the A&E bio of Susan Hayward. I've watched it several times and still cannot understand Charlton Heston's comment regarding Susan as a "public actress."

Maybe you or someone else can enlighten me.

Re: Re: Divas and Darlings

Gloria, I don't recall Heston's comment, but I'll be watching it again this week to get a better copy. I'll get back to you..

Re: Re: Re: Divas and Darlings

Hi Gloria...Well, with Heston, I have a hard time, in recent years, wondering WHAT he means...LOL

But...I think what he meant on Susan being a 'public' actress is that she appealed to 'the entire public' where some actors are more liminted in who likes or dislikes them.

Some actors only have certain 'types' or 'classes' of people who like them. With Susan, there was always something there, in her performances, that drew all 'clases and types' to respond to her films.

Her performances were admired and loved by the entire public, which is high praise, since some actors never appeal to the masses.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Divas and Darlings

Errol: I do think that Heston was jealous of Susan's getting top billing, too. He made a comment such as, "she was more experienced as a public actress, and I understood that." What exactly was there that he had to "understand."

Sounds to me as though he felt he should have gotten top billing. He seems to have overlooked the fact that the movie was called "The President's Lady."

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Divas and Darlings

I agree, Gloria...and the thing about Heston is that he has such an 'EGO'. Yes, a lot or most of them do, but his is waaay up there and I have never understood WHY he thinks he is so great! To me, he is not that great!

He should also remember that doing THE PRESIDENT'S LADY was a big boost and a take-off, in his career. He hadn't come that far, at this time. Biggest thing he had done, really, was THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH and RUBY GENTRY, which again...the title was the woman's name and JENNIFER JONES held that film together...not HESTON.

Could be that the EGO was so big, even then 1951-52 that he could only see HIMSELF as the TOP STAR of his films, when it was women, like HAYWARD and JONES that was building his career...not hindering it!