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Petition for a Jane Froman stamp...

A group of people who meet yearly in Columbia, Missouri have a petition started to try to get a US stamp created in honor of Jane Froman whose life as you all know was beautifully portrayed by Susan Hayward in "With A Song in My Heart." If you would like to sign the petition, please click the website link above.

This is interesting and I'll see if I can find out more info.. it would be nice to do the same for Susan Hayward!

Re: Petition for a Jane Froman stamp.../About the original note

Below is the original note that I received from the lady who is working on a bio of Jane-- regarding the Jane Froman stamp......Ginger

This is just a note to ask for your help in getting a commemorative stamp
issued for singer Jane Froman (1907-1980), who was a personal friend and is
the subject of a biography on which I am currently working. A petition has
been created and I'm asking for your signature.

There is a Jane Froman Centennial event planned in her hometown of Columbia,
Missouri for 2007. Please sign the petition so we can get this small bit of
history accomplished to honor a truly remarkable woman as part of the
celebration. It takes just two seconds to add your name. And if you can
pass this on for more signatures, that would be a real help!he Jane Froman stamp...please pass the info along to your friends and co-worker, etc... thanks.

Re: Petition for a Jane Froman stamp...

Thanks for letting us know, Ginger. I signed up and hope they'll get the required amount to do this. The woman deserves as much.

As for a stamp honoring Susan, I would love it. My feeling is, though, that other actors will get theirs first, such as Katharine Hepburn. However, one can hope.

Re: Petition for a Jane Froman stamp...

That would be wonderful and seeing that she entertained our troops over seas, may help the process. Good luck.

Re: Re: Petition for a Jane Froman stamp...

You have my support in anything that honors such a great entertainer and american. I have been an admirer of Jane Froman for over forty years,and still love her music.