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This Is Your Life "Lillian Roth"

I went into the website for This Is Your List.com and it's so interesting. If you haven't gotten the chance link in sometime. Shows all the honorees and you can click on each person. I click into Lillian Roth's story, and it lists the date of the show, people that were on it and a small candidate picture of Lillian at that time. I tried to print the page to send you, but there is no access to it. I also click onto my favorite singer of all time...Connie Francis.

Re: This Is Your Life "Lillian Roth"

Hey...Thanks, Ray..and so good to hear from you again. I will check this site out, since there were some wonderful celebrities lives told on that show. I remember that those stories could really choke you up at times. We learned a lot about our favorties in those days. I was unaware there was even a site for that show and the people that had appeared.

Email me if you get a chance and we can chat like we used to do. I know schedules get all mixed up, but I still have some of those funny emails we shared.


Re: Re: This Is Your Life "Lillian Roth"

Thanks so much for the heads-up on the website. I, too, liked "This Is Your Life."