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I know this is a 'last minute notice' but I just found out that "SMASH-UP, THE STORY OF A WOMAN" will be on Turner Classic Movies tonight. Check for your local time. I get it at 9:30pm.

This, as we all know, was Susan's first Best Actress Nomination and she is terrfic in it! Not her singing voice, but as always, Susan can get those mimeing of vocals down to the tee!!

It was reported that co-star LEE BOWMAN had a romantic interest in her and they dated and were reported by Hollywood columinsts as a pretty serious thing! Who's to know...??

ALSO...One of the best scenes of the film, for me, is when our fiesty SUSAN tries to have a knock-down fight with MARSHA HUNT in the ladies powder room.

If you get this in time...it should be a good 'watch' since TCM have such good prints. I'm suppose to be studying for my Tuacahn auditions, which is tomorrow night, but...now that I know Susan's ON...I will have to work that much harder on preparing for the audition tomorrow.. ..I WON'T MISS...SUSAN!!


I never get tired of viewing this Hayward classic. I also love that scene that Errol was talking about. I had a tape with Loretta Young (Oscar winner that year Susan was up) praising Susan's work. I remember she quoted as Susan being "just excellent" and that she was so surprise that she got the Oscar node that year.
I wish I knew what happened to that tape. I got it off a channel called Nostalgia a long time ago.


Hi, Errol. This is one of my favorite Susan movies, too. Tell me if you agree with me that Lee Bowman had about as much "life" in him as a dead fish! If our Susie dated him, he must have had more than what showed on screen.

Also, my understanding is that this movie was really about Bing Crosby and his first wife, Dixie (I think), who was supposed to be an alcoholic. I also remember reading that Bing's liaisons with other women were what drove Dixie to drink and his (and her) sons to have such a bad relationship with him.

Whatever the real story, it was grist for the mill for our gal Susie.

Re: Re: Re: "SMASH-UP"...ON TCM....TONIGHT>>>

Hi Gloria...Yes...I had heard the same story, that this movie was based on Bing and Dixie. Before the film started, this was also mentioned, as an introduction to the film by the host on TCM.

And another...BIG YES...I think LEE BOWMAN could act about as good as a 'fish'..only I really think the 'fish' would probally be the winner, if they were in competition!! ...Errol

Re: Re: Re: Re: "SMASH-UP"...ON TCM....TONIGHT>>>

Hey Ray...That must be a real 'rare' tape!! I hope you find it and if you do, please tell me. I have never heard anything LORETTA YOUNG ever said about SUSAN, but am so glad to hear that she admired her performance in this movie...and even if Susan wasn't my faovrite actress, I really think she gave a much better performance than winner, YOUNG, did in THE FARMERS DAUGHTER...