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Hollywood Walk of Fame

HI gang, another very fun and interesting web-site is Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.net. Once you log in you can go in and put the cursor over "Walk of Fame" and go from there. I found that Jane Froman has three "Stars" on the walk of fame which I was not ware of. One for recording artist, one for motion pictures and one for radio artists. I found that interesting. Susan ofcourse has "one" and I have never seen a photo of Susan receiving her "star" The condition of a personality receiving their "Star" they have to be there in person. I am sure Susan had to be there to receive her's. Does anyone have a photo of Susan and her "Star" The only time I've actually seen a picture of Susan"s "Star" was on the "E!" channel where they had a biography called "Mysteries and Scandals" the stormy career of film star Susan Hayward aired on January 10, 2000. At the end of the segment, they showed Susan's "Star"
And by the way, Lillian Roth also has her "Star" as a motion picture actress.

Re: Hollywood Walk of Fame/I added the link by Ginger

Hi Ray.. thanks so much for letting us know about that website. I posted the link in the above "field" so everyone can just click on..I have never seen a photo of Susan at her "star"..at least I can't recall seeing one. Also, I never realized that Lillian Roth had a "star" and that Jane Froman had "3"! Thanks again!....Ginger

Re: Re: Hollywood Walk of Fame/I added the link by Ginger

Ray and Ginger: In the A&E Biography of Susan, it shows her putting her hand in the cement for her star. Not a picture, but live action.

Re: Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hi, Ray. I'm curious about that "E" Channel
Mysteries and Scandals segment on Susan Hayward. I'd never heard of it. Do you know if and where I could purchase it, or even if it's available for purchase?

Re: Re: Hollywood Walk of Fame

Gloria, was the picture on A&E for the star or was it for the handprints at the Chinese Theater? I guess I am a little confused. They show the Mysteries and Scandals show about Susan on the E channel from time to time.

Re: Re: Re: Hollywood Walk of Fame

If you're fortunate to catch this tribute to Susan, you're lucky. I do have a photo of Susan adding her foot and hand prints at Graumans. And HER'S is the ONLY ONE in history that had her prints sprinkled in Gold Dust, isn't that something! To Acknowledge her box office draws. Quite a honor for a moviestar back then. I will try to make a copy for Gloria and send it to her, as a Hayward fan, we all have to stick together. I believe I made a copy for Errol sometime ago.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Hollywood Walk of Fame

Now..please...when I add these comments, do not take it that I am trying to be a 'smart-A' or that I am any 'different' in my meanings than anyone else in this fan club. I do NOT think I know more or that I am ANY BETTER than anyone else...so with that said...
I will again...put my snoot in where may or may not be taken as meant....LOL

After living there, in Hollywood, for 35 years, I am aware that Susan does not have 1 star. She actually has two stars and I know exactly where they are located.

One is near the PANTAGES THEATER...Past the Pantages and the FROLIC ROOM (a stars bar that has been there for years). There are two more small business next to the Frolic Room...then there used to be a shoeshine and tiny street grill (the best hamburgers you could ever have were made there). This small street grill/shoeshine place is right at the opening to a parking lot. I'm sure the lot is not there anymore,nor the shorshine/grill, but Susan's star is right there by that grill/parking lot, which sits about a quarter of a block from Hollywood & Vine.

Her second star is by GRAUMAN'S (or now MANN'S) CHINESE THEATER. It is past the theater's enterance and the building, itself, by a few feet and again, next to the west parking lot for the theater.

When Hollywood started getting so seedy and people didn't seem to care about the walk of stars, I used to check her two stars quite often, to make sure that they had not been cracked or marred in any way. Some of the stars had actually cracked and vandals had even tried to scar some of them up, so if you were a real true fan of a star and you lived in the area, you monitored the area and the stars that you cared about. Susan's two stars were never bothered and were still in wonderful condition when I left there in the fall of 1992. I hope there are still some 'local' fans who have kept a look-out for her places on the walk of fame. From what I've been told, the Blvd. is not as bad, for these violators, as it was when I left and that the Blvd. is slowly becoming a beautiful place, as it should be.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Hollywood Walk of Fame

Errol: I,for one, always appreciate your input on Susan. Having lived there, you're in a position to know a lot of things people like me don't, so I rely on your information.

I must apologize to everyone; Ray is right. What they showed in the A&E Biography was Susan's putting her handprints in the pavement! (Getting old is such fun.)

Now that you've mentioned it, I do believe I had read somewhere that Susan had a star in front of the formerly Graumann's, then Mann Chinese Restaurant. I did not know about the other star.

Tell me something, Errol. I know that for many years after her death, anonymous person would put a memorial ad in,I believe, Variety, either on her birthday or the date of her death -- was it "A Star Is a Star, Is a Star"? Do you know if this is still the case? (I'm asking because I believe that, since you're in the entertainment industry, you might get Variety.

Hope all is well, and thanks again for the input.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Hollywood Walk of Fame

HI Gloria...Well, that ad was always placed, each year in Variety, while I was living there, but since I don't get Daily Variety anymore, I have no idea if it is still there each year, on her birthday or not.

I had always wondered if it was Jess Barker who placed the ad in memory, but have no idea.

You are correct, on the ad..."A STAR IS A STAR IS A STAR"...It could also be from the author of that book
Christopher P. Andersen?? But like the flowers for Monroe...or the 'woman in black' for Rudolph Valentino it still remains a mystery. The flowers and the 'woman in black' still happen each year.

I will try and check next June to see if someone can tell us if Susan's memorial ad is still appearing.

Thanks for the chat and the question. Errol