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I am still not sure whether two places in THE AVAIATOR shows pics of Susan...or not! I saw the film yesterday and both flashes of the pics are fast, so I will try to get another look at it and see if it is Susan shots or not.

The first one comes shortly after the 'censor scene' when they are comparing JANE RUSSELL'S breasts in THE OUTLAW...to those 'breasts that have been half exposed' in films before RUSSELL in this film.

Some of the women's breasts they are showing (without their faces) are...CLAUDETTE COLBERT, JEAN HARLOW, ANN SHERIDAN (that's the ones i remember right now. there were more!)

Then the scene comes where there a bunch of photos of Hughes and female stars with him. I was almost sure that the top photo was Susan in a long fur coat on Hughes arm.

The second place that was even a faster shot, was when the FBI invade Hughes home and as they are going through his posessions, another glossy of Susan (I think) is shown there.

If you haven't seen the film I think you ae in for a wonderful film. Brought back by some great cinematography, costumes and music score. All the flavor was there...The Chinese Theater and Pantages as seen in those days...gaudy and full of glamour.

Loved LEO as Hughes (sorry Kerry...I know how much you are not amused with any Leo films) and also BLANCEHTTE as Hepburn...but disliked the gal who played AVA GARDNER. I haven't even looked up her name yet. Just was not impressed with her at all. Not the AVA we were used to seeing! The gal who did FAITH DOMERIGUE was fine and fiesty!

BUT...since I was so involved with the story, as it unfolded, the shots of Susan (if it was her) hit me as an afterthought..since they flashed on and off so quickly.



Errol, I saw the film last Sunday and I really believe that there is a photo of Susan shown in the scene that you mentioned.. where the fbi is ransacking his home or office.. can't remember which..but I'm pretty sure it was Susan and if I ever get the video, I'll "capture" that second in time to check it out! I think it was one of the poses where she has her hand to her waist posing.. it was so darn quick, but I commented on it to others after I had seen it. That was the only scene that I noticed but as you mentioned, there might be others.
I enjoyed the film immensely and I really liked Leonardo Di Caprio in it also. I thought he did an excellent job. He has matured so much in his real life also, it seems. I've seen him interviewed on a few shows. I didn't see any of that old "full of himself" Leonardo, but he's very much more humble and insightful. His portrayal of the obsessive compulsive characteristics of Howard Hughes was phenomenal and he also very accurately portrayed the heartbreaking agony that people with this problem must have to go through (I have a loved one with the symptoms and did that film ever hit home!)......Kate Beckinsale played Ava.. I wasn't too impressed with her either.. very average performance.. and why on earth they chose Gwen Stefani(I think I have that name right ) to play Jean Harlow is beyond me.. she didn't even come close! (in my own humble opinion. ha)...My guess is that "The Aviator" will get best film but Jamie Foxx will get the Oscar.. another great movie and performance which I could write a book about but had better not right now..LOL


HI Ginger...Well I'm glad you caught the one of the FBI invasion! The film is playing at our theaters and I did catch 'the other' pic of her. I was wrong about her wearing the mink. It is that scene right after the 'censors of JANE RUSSELL'S bosoms' and they spread a butch of pics across the screen of other actresses he had been dating.

Susan is there...for sure! She and Hughes are walking arm in arm...and that photo is just before the gal in the mink coat. Boy! They sure were fast shots, but I did catch her there...for sure...tonight

You know...I had forgotten all about that 'awful looking' JEAN HARLOW that they used! OMG...that nose and really kind of an ugly looking gal, in my opinion! She was nothing like HARLOW...Not a bit. And then the voice...eeeek! NOT HER AT ALL!! (I think this is really a case of...'who you know in the business') because there is no reason to plank someone like that into a famous legend like HARLOW.

Now..I don't know what you might have thought about CATE BLANCHETTE as KATHARINE HEPBURN..First..I didn't like her at all...then she grew on me and I liked some of her scenes...a lot. Others were so-so, but I felt she carried herself and the voice as Hepburn, but the facial apperance was not her...Mainly the nose. Yes, Blanchette has the 'odd quality' of Hepburn but the nose and face is way to 'wide?) How can I put it...LOL...She did get a nomination for Supporting Actress..so we will see what the Academy thinks!

I also am in complete agreement with you on AVAITOR as Best Picture...and Jamie Fox as Best Actor instead of LEO, eventhough Leo was soo good. I haven't seen 'RAY yet, but still feel he will be the winner!
Just too much talk about how great that performance was for him not to get it...Although...we may all be surprised and they give it to CLINT EASTWOOD because of him never winning Best Actor! On that...it would only be because of all the other performances he has done and had no recnogition for. I don't like awards given that way...and he also has won for director and picture...and may have that chance again in both..so I do hope that it remains between FOX and DI CAPPRAIO
for actor!



Well, Errol, I'll definitely have to get some captures from the video or pay per view when it's out.

You're right , Cate Blanchett, didn't look much like Katharine Hepburn but she really had her mannerisms down and I think she deserves the nomination. She acted rings around "Ava" and "Harlow".. LOL...I thought the scene with "Katharine's" family at the dinner table was very interesting and I loved the remarks between "Kate"'s mother and Hughes.. something to the effect of

Mother: "We aren't really concerned with money."
Hughes: "That's because you've always had it."


I haven't seen the film yet, but planning on it this week-end. I'll keep an sharp eye on those scenes that you talked about; to see if I recognize Susan's photos. I did see "Ray", thought Jamie Foxx did a great job...so real, just like seeing Ray Charles himself on film.