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"They Won"t Believe Me" on TCM

Susan made this right after she completed "Smash-Up"
Made at RKO pictures in 1947. Reviews from Times Magazine said "They Won't Believe Me" is a skillful telling of a pretty nasty story about a man (Robert Young) who loves money and women almost equally well, and finds that they get in each other's way." "Susan Hayward proficiently sells her special brand of sexiness." Susan was again casted as the "other woman" but this time with class and star billing. A film worthwhile viewing.
SHowing on TCM, Saturday January 29 at 8:00 AM, but check you local listing.

Re: "They Won"t Believe Me" on TCM

Ray, thanks for the reminder. This is one of my favorite Susan Hayward films. It has that special 1940's black and white mysterious noir quality...very classy
and well-acted. I thought Robert Young was so good in the part of the cad and his character contrasted so much with my childhood image of him as "Father Knows Best." Susan was beautiful in it of course and the only thing I disliked about the film was that her character was killed off in the car crash...there just wasn't enough of her in the film.

Re: Re: "They Won"t Believe Me" on TCM

It is a "good looking" film I agree. Interestingly, only Jane Greer's character emerged fairly intact with just some emotional bruising as it were.

Obviously Robert's "Larry" ended badly, (and some may say - fair enough, although Gretta was already dead when he arrived back at the ranch after the accident, he was prepared to kill her on the spot at that time anyway)- Rita Johnson's "Gretta" of course dies broken-hearted and betrayed, even Gretta's white horse is shot with broken legs - and of course -Verna - over the moon with happiness one moment and then incinerated instantly.

Yes Ginger you are right - she (Susan) looked exceptional in this one too- and although Jane Greer was the common thread who appeared at the start, kept re-appearing throughout the film and very much featured at the ending, ie she had more screen time than Verna or Gretta, I recall that Susan followed Robert Young's name in the credits giving her higher billing.

Hope you enjoyed watching again, Ray.