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re Susan snapshot in Aviator

Well spotted, Errol and Ginger - that's the thing with films which are 'Hollywood on Hollywood' sort of theme. Whether "Sunset Boulevard" or "The Legend of Lylah Clare" or "Fedora" or whatever - often the devil is in the detail.

Yes all right you two - I have always admitted that Leo can act well - but I'm sorry - I really loathe looking at him which is unfortunate.
Full agreement on Gwen Stefani - again one wonders how on earth Scorsese had her cast as Harlow ??

Kate Beckinsale - yes agreed again - except that I thought in certain shots she did very much LOOK like Ava.

Cate Blanchett - bliss and heaven - and no it is not a partisan Australian response, I have marvelled at her work since "Elizabeth" and she almost never lets us down.

Regardless - congrats again at the Susan spotting.


Re: re Susan snapshot in Aviator

Kerry....I was talking to Leo the other day and he said that he sends you his 'best'...and is thinking of doing a remake of The Elephant Man...so you won't have to look at him whilst on the screen...LOL

All my Best to You...tooo..(just couldn't help myself)


Also...glad you liked the movie too and that you agree with Ginger and myself...on those 'bad casting' gals>>>

Re: Re: re Susan snapshot in Aviator

Many thanks Errol for your good wishes and also to Leo for remembering me during your conversation. (Probably the one time I didn't mind watching our Leo on screen was in "The Man in the Iron Mask" LOL !!)

Just closing on Cate - it seems that she watched Hepburn's first 15 movies studiously to learn the mannerisms and poise, and also learned to play tennis and golf and took cold showers to again get the persona accurately. (She even had freckles painstakingly painted on her face arms and chest.)

Did you know that Jane Lynch's scenes as Amelia Earhart were cut from the movie ??

It is just as well that Susan Hayward was not portrayed by an actress in the film - can you imagine how critical this forum would be of whatever poor actress got the job ?? LOL

Re: Re: Re: re Susan snapshot in Aviator

OH YES... I agree with you, Kerry, that we would all put up a big wave of dislikes, on who should play Susan in a film on her.

I remember, years back, there was a lot of talk in Hollywood about doing a tv film on Susan. It was something to do with the book "The Divine ******** and the only actress I can remember, that had been suggested, was Ann Jillian. It never came about...and I have no idea what stopped them from doing it.

Her life would be a wonderful story for film...and I don't mean that as 'sensatonal' or anything like that.
It's just that she had lived an interesting life from being poor and through all the hard times..from her accident as a child...the battles with Florence. Her ways of feeling unliked or insecure with others. Well, we all know all the things that would have made it a story that many would have seen things in their lives that shows life is not a bowl of cherries by a long shot!

Then the long cancer and the true suffering she must have gone through. I really think of that at times and it makes me heartsick, to think of what she must have gone through with the battle of her life.