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Trish's Scrapbook/Rachel and Susan

Hi to all..I have recently been in correspondence with Trish from England and she has collected about 30 scrapbooks on Susan over the years. She has been sending me clips and photos from the scrapbooks as she has time. I've been working on "Trish's Scrapbook" for the website, and I should be able to have it online by the end of the week. It's just a start on the "book" but I'll add to it as she can send photos and as I have time to work with it. She sent me a little "quip" recently regarding Susan Hayward and Rachel Donelson and I thought it was interesting. BTW, in the scrapbook are a couple of photos taken in front of Susan's house where she lived with Jess and the boys. I think you will find the scrapbook interesting.Below is the note from Trish re: Susan and Rachel:

I just thought of something I would pass on to you and anybody interested -
that is if you didn't already know. When "The President's Lady" was being
filmed, I obtained the book from the library - quite enthralled to discover
that Rachel Donelson and Susan shared the same birthdate.

Re: Trish's Scrapbook/Rachel and Susan

I will look very forward to this new inclusion Ginger, and thanks indeed to yourself and Trish for its provision. Will be highly interesting.


Re: Re: Trish's Scrapbook/Rachel and Susan

WOW GINGER!!! I'm really excited about this news! This should give us all some new things on Susan. Maybe many things that none of us were able to collect. Looking forward to seeing it! Errol

Re: Re: Re: Trish's Scrapbook/Rachel and Susan

Errol..see the post just above. I just got the scrapbook online. I think it will be fun to work on and for others to look at.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Trish's Scrapbook/Rachel and Susan

Oh..Ginger...these are wonderful treasures!! I have only looked at part of them, but had to write this tonight, so you would know that I had taken a peek at them. What a wonderful treat! Oh...must thank Trish now....Errol