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Susan Hayward Mention and Photo/Entertainment Weekly

I have been informed by a member of a group interested in Jane Froman that there is an article in the February 4, 2005 issue of Entertainment Weekly (Johnny Carson is on the cover) entitled "Pop Goes The Oscar." There is a a couple of paragraphs about Susan accompanied by a photo of Susan as Jane Froman in "With A Song In My Heart." Below are the paragraphs:


No airplane-crash survivor ever looked as good as Susan Hayward does as Jane Froman in "With A Song In My Heart (1952). While on a World War II USO tour, Froman is seriously injured when her plane crashes off the coast of Portugal, and even though she's married, she falls in love with the pilot who rescues her. There are plenty of songs, all sung by the real Froman--among them Harold Arlen's "Get Happy"--featured in the movie as our heroine recovers the use of her legs and ends up marrying the pilot (Rory Calhoun). Says Blauner*, "Jane Froman had a nice voice, but she had a much better story."

Three years later, Hayward got another Oscar nomination for playing another singer, Lillian Roth, in "I'll Cry Tomorrow." This movie, however, is very different, darker and far more challenging. Roth battles her stage mother --"You've got all day tomorrow to cry," Jo Van Fleet tells her--as well as lousy men and the bottle. Hayward had some experience to draw from : Involved in a bitter custody battle over her twin sons with actor Jess Barker, she tried to commit suicide while filming "Tomorrow." Hayward didn't win an Oscar for either role, but she did for playing a woman on death row in 1958's "I Want To Live." (copied)

About Steve Blauner---

Steve Blauner*--"If you're looking for a guide, they don't come much more qualified than Steve Blauner. He was the manager played by John Goodman in "Beyond the Sea," but more than being Bobby Darin's aide de pop, Blauner went on to cofound the company behind such seminal films as "Easy Rider," "Five Easy Pieces," and "The Last Picture Show." He had been trying to make a movie about Darin since 1988, to no avail and with much frustration. When Kevin Spacey approached him a few years ago about cooperating, Blauner, now 71, enlisted Bobby's son, Dodd Darin, and went so far as to dust off the singer's original arrmangements that were in a warehouse outside of Los Angeles. And he has no regrets. "People who knew nothingn about Bobby Darin now know at least a little about him.
Darn it, that magazine has been sitting on my dining room table for a week, and I hadn't even looked at it until I got the email from the lady in the Jane Froman group. It's nice to know that Jane Froman, Susan Hayward, and Lillian Roth are all mentioned in
a current national magazine. Ginger.

Re: Susan Hayward Mention and Photo/Entertainment Weekly

Very good article,thanks!