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Trish's Susan Hayward Scrapbook Now Online

Hi Everyone...I finished the "beginnings" of the scrapbook tonight and it's now online. Just go to Susan's Homepage (click above) and the link is by Susan's photo. Please keep in mind that these are clips and articles that Trish has collected over many years, so some of them might not be in the greatest condition; however, overall, I think it is " so far so good!" I'm working with it all as best as I can, and Trish has been very sweet to offer to share them. She is very new to the computer and currently is relying on her friend, Barby, to help scan the photos and send to me (which I very much appreciate)...anyway, it's a start and hopefully as we have time we'll get more photos and clips in the scrapbook. I hope you enjoy and thanks a million to Trish! (and Barby!)

Re: Trish's Susan Hayward Scrapbook Now Online

Ah yes - thank you Ginger, Trish and Barby for the provision of some wonderful shots. I do hope Tim will get a chance to take a look, as the family photos are delightful.

All the studio / publicity photos of Susan are great ( well what else ??) but I particularly like the one on the lower left of the last page of the scrapbook.

Thanks again to all concerned.


Re: Re: Trish's Susan Hayward Scrapbook Now Online

Hi Kerry.. Thank you!....and I hope the scrapbook will continue to grow. When Trish told me that she had over 30 scrapbooks, my head started spinning.. ...I wanted to see them!..and this is a way we can all at least get a look at parts of her scrapbooks. ah.. the internet is a wondrous invention!! I also enjoy looking at the family photos of Susan, Jess, Greg, and Tim. I'm sure there must have been many photo "shoots" of the family. All four of them are extremely photogenic. My favorite photo so far is the one that I used for the intro page. It's slightly "off center."....in that I mean it seems ambiguous (spell?)...it looks like her but it doesn't look like her totally. It just seems to have a dreamy, sweet quality. I had never seen that photo before. Thanks again, Kerry.