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"Jack London"

I found Susan's film "Jack London" on DVD for $1.00. It's actually a double-feature, but the other movie isn't w/Susan. It's "The Fast & The Furious" w/Dorothy Malone. The picture & sound quality aren't so great (which is to be expected), but I'm happy because I had never seen "Jack London" before.

Re: "Jack London"

Thanks for the info, Blooeyez. I have that film also, and it seems that I paid about $20.00 for it on ebay so you got a deal! My copy isn't very good either but I was glad to finally get a chance to see it and to have it in my collection. I think I got "ripped off" for sure.. you even got two for a dollar.. ha -- oh well, 20.00 for a Susan film is still worth it to me.
Thanks again... Ginger

Re: "Jack London"

With Virginia Mayo dying so recently, your post reminded me - Michael O'Shea played Jack London and it was on the set of this film that he and Mayo met and married a few years after.

It was probably not a totally accurate portrayal of the actual London, (but after all it was the 40's )and Susan looked great.


Re: Re: "Jack London"

Okay...I must admit that this film is one that I have always missed seeing...each time it is played on tv, I have missed it and would love to get a chance to finally see.

I will start looking around and see if I can find it, now that it is on dvd...Errol

Re: Re: Re: "Jack London"

The DVD I bought for $1.00 is put out by "Action Movie Entertainment". There's one available right now on eBay for 1 cent. (Susan's character arrives in the film halfway through. She looks beautiful, as usual).