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Best loved scene from a Susan Hayward film

Have you ever thought about which is your favourite scene from any film of Susan's? Mine would definitely be the title song from "With a Song in My Heart" - with the violins, chandeliers, Richard Allan and the most enchanting lady ever to grace the screen. Every time I watch this film (which is pretty regularly) I have to rewind this scene a couple of times!! In fact, it would have to be my favourite from any film I have ever seen.
I also adore Susan singing "Happiness is Just a Thing Called Joe" from "I'll Cry Tomorrow" ... I could go on and on particularly with dramatic scenes but it would be interesting to read your comments.
I have a Trivia question ... what was the name of the cook around 1950 who worked for Susan, Jess and the boys? (I don't mean Cleo).
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Re: Best loved scene from a Susan Hayward film

Trish..That scene to which you are referring in WASIMH is such a beautiful scene.. in fact, in my "With A Song In My Heart" pages within Susan's site, I think I make reference to the fact that it must be one of the most beautiful and classy scenes on film.

There is no way I could ever pinpoint one favorite scene of Susan's, but it might be interesting for us to pick a certain movie and then pick our favorite scene from that movie which is what you have suggested I believe. As far as
"With A Song In My Heart", the scene that really sticks in my mind, aside from the beautiful scene that we have mentioned, is the scene when "Susan/Jane" begins to lose her will to live.. she is complaining about not ever being able to wear a decent pair of shoes"..and just wants to give up...THEN...Thelma Ritter/Clancy gives her hell about Jane feeling sorry for herself and rightly so...then after bashing "Jane"..Clancy
goes out the door and then falls apart herself because this was so difficult for her...but something "Jane Froman" needed to hear...well, this scene made a big impression on me when I was a 13 year old, first seeing it. I've later learned that there never was really a "Clancy" in Jane's life. Clancy's character was actually a combination of many nurses/aides in Jane's life---I was very disappointed when I first heard that there had never been a real CLANCY (Thelma Ritter was fantastic in this role)....however, the fact that Clancy wasn't real doesn't take away from the impact of the scene. Susan showed so much discouragement and let the audience feel how "tired" she was of it all...Susan played the scene with great skill... it could have been very sappy.. but it wasn't. I'll try and think of some other favorite scenes.. well, it shouldn't be too hard.

Ummm. I don't know about the cook. I'll have to do some research...but maybe somebody else can beat me to it..?...LOL

Re: Re: Best loved scene from a Susan Hayward film

Hi...I also have another Three favorite scenes from this, MY favorite Susan film.

The FIRST is when she is in the red fringe gown, shoes and long gloves...singing "Get Happy" on those marble steps. I have 'one treasure' that I cannot part with. It is a large pic of Susan sitting on those steps in the fringe gown..legs crossed. I have it framed and I look at it every day.

The SECOND scene...is when she meets shell shocked Robert Wagner and he asks her to sing "I'll Walk Alone". This is where I always start to cry...and it flows from then until the end of the film.

The THIRD...(AND MY FAVORTE SCENE) from this film, is the AMERICAN MEDLEY..when they give her the birthday cake...and she chokes up and Clancy reads the card..then...the singing..in one of the most uplifting American Medley's ever seen and sung, in a movie..to this date!!

I wonder if I will ever see this scene all the way through...with clear...eyes. The emotions in this scene from Susan...and everyone involved is overwhelming to me. Errol

Re: Re: Re: Best loved scene from a Susan Hayward film

Errol: This was my favorite Hayward movie, too, and the one where I became a forever fan. The "Get Happy" number was wonderful; Susan and the red-fringed gown, wow!

I also liked the number on a Hollywood set, with her dressed in the black gown and large hat and accompanying male dancers. But quite frankly, as I think I've said before on here, the "With a Song in My Heart" production was special, even in a film with so many wonderful songs.

Another charming scene was in the hospital when "Jane" is rehearsing for the "Artists and Models" Show, and Don tells the sister to prance like one of the models! And the tears in Susan's eyes when she's actually on stage, albeit propped up, and the audience shows their love and appreciation with a standing ovation...well, how could anyone not be moved?