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The President's Lady/A Favorite Scene

Trish, your idea about favorite scenes might possibly light a fire on this message board! My head is starting to spin.. ha

Would anyone like to suggest their favorite scene from "The President's Lady"?...I have many from that film ( which is close to one of my favorite Susan films..I thought she was oustanding in the role of Rachel and it seems to have been an underrated performance at the time).....but two of may favorites from the film are (1) when Andrew brings home Lincoya (spell?) to her. It's such a tender scene and Susan always had such motherly instincts which really showed through in her performances. She was good with the children she worked with in films.She seemed to be a real natural with children.
(2) The other scene that I love from "The President's Lady" is the scene where Rachel smokes a cigar with Andrew... THEN...the maid walks in on the
big "sinning" going on with the smoking.. ha...it was very comical and very touching and Susan was a downright genius at playing that scene!

Re: The President's Lady/A Favorite Scene

There so are many scenes from Susan's films that I love. One scene in particular is in I"ll Cry Tomorrow" ofcourse this is my favorite movie, so I love everything about it, but at the end when Ralph Edwards announces Lillian Roth "this is your life" Susan starts walking down the aisle, with tears streaming down her face and the camera was angled so that audience was able to be filmed also. This is very touching for me, after all Lillian went through in her life. One more I like to mention is a scene from "The President Lady" she is jumping with joy to hear that her husband is on the way home. Then she realizes having worked in the fields all day, she's messy and all dirty, she trys to wash up, but in her haste, drops the pitcher of water to the floor. Come in the husband (Charlton) and as she is picking up the pieces and her expression, a mixture of wild elation and she is so embarrassed..is just great!-

Re: Re: The President's Lady/A Favorite Scene

Ray: You chose the scene from President's Lady that I loved the most, too. When Andrew comes home, and Rachel's a mess and you see a combination of longing and embarrassment because she doesn't think she looks good enough for him.

I loved the scene in Deadline At Dawn where Susan, as the dance hall girl, can't believe the sailor played by Bill Williams is as naive as he appears to be. She thinks of him as a babe in the woods, but her heart tells her to help him out of his predicament.

Another favorite is in Back Street, at the beginning when she and John Gavin are in the elevator as she goes up to show her designs to that buyer. She and John are eyeing each other on the "sly" with very interested looks.

Gosh, there are so many. I'll save some for later on.

Re: Re: Re: The President's Lady/A Favorite Scene

Ray and Gloria
You both have picked my favourite scene too - probably everyone's as it's a delight. Also love the part when Susan and Charlton are in the longboat and she's shouting - "I've still got my scalp, have you got yours?" then - "Let go my hands" and kisses him.
I've read that this film should have made in colour - it's wonderful as it is but colour would have enhanced it. Susan is such a joy to watch in anything at all though.
(I expect by now you will have noticed the difference between the British and American spellings!!)
I shall have a think about Deadline at Dawn re favourite scenes - this was another she excelled in - can't believe she had just had Timothy and Gregory when she made it.

Re: Re: Re: Re: The President's Lady/A Favorite Scene

Trish: Sometime ago, I'd posted a message asking folks if they liked Susan's hairdo in "Deadline At Dawn" -- upswept as it was. I thought she looked absolutely gorgeous, especially -- as you noted -- she'd recently had the twins and this was her first film after that.

I might be wrong here, but didn't she also wear her hair upswept that way in "Seabees?"

Incidentally, I think it was you who noted that production number in "With a Song In My Heart" (which I also replay every chance I get) where they sang and danced to that wonderful song. Every time I see it, I can't believe they had so many violinists. I tried counting them as the camera pans from Richard Allen to Susan and always lost count. There must have been at least twenty! I loved that production.

And, like you, I was thinking of the boat scene in "President's Lady" where she tells Charlton to "Let go my hands."

So many wonderful moments Susan Hayward has given us.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The President's Lady/A Favorite Scene

I have to agree with Ginger, that the smoking scene was pricless! (But I could have sworn that it was Andrews pipe that she was smoking, not a cigar??)

My other favorite scene is her death scene...so dignified with the white hair and aged make-up..but such a sweet, tender ending to their lives together.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The President's Lady/A Favorite Scene

Errol, of course it was Andrew's pipe... duh.. sorry.. I've been watching The Ernie Kovacs Story this week and guess I've had cigars on my mind.. ha..