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Maybe Favourite 100 Scenes

A labour of Hercules, you have set us here Trish. So many possibilities. A couple of my memorable scenes have been mentioned in the earlier posts, but in addition those harrowing pre-execution scenes in "I Want to Live" as she braces for the inevitable which is continually delayed.

Her fiesty snarl at Jack Elam in "Rawhide" when he asks why she has to take the baby outside.

The moment of Helen lancing the infection on Greg Peck's leg in 'Snows of Kilimanjaro".

Her defiant distribution of her underwear and spare clothing to the native girls as Ellen Burton in "White Witch Doctor" when Bob Mitchum asks "What's it to be ? Onward Christian soldiers or best dressed nurse in Africa ?"

The first glimpse of her in "David and Bathsheba" as Greg Peck sees from the palace roof, her don the after bath robe, throw her hair across its shoulders and walk off camera with that extraordinary sashay gait that she could manage.

Unfortunately, I could easily dredge up probably the 100 favourites of the title, so will end.

Unless ? - Verna in "They Won't Believe Me" bailing out Robert Young from trouble in the office when he first notices her.

No I must cease.


Re: Maybe Favourite 100 Scenes

Kerry: One of the most chilling scenes that I remember from "I Want to Live" did not even involve Susan herself. It's at the end when Ed Montgomery leaves the prison after Barbara Graham is executed and turns off his hearing aid to drown out the people outside, as if by doing that he can also drown out what had just happened.

Here's a question for you or anyone who saw the film originally in the theater. I seem to recall a scene when she was married and had a baby, where the landlord comes for the overdue rent that she didn't have, and she gives him a little sex instead. Unlike today's films, it was not graphic, but you knew what was going on. I have never seen that on videotape.
Am I the only one who remembers it? Considering some of the really graphic sex scenes you can see on video today, I can't help wondering why that was taken out.

Re: Re: Maybe Favourite 100 Scenes

Ouch - now there's a poser. Gloria - I honestly don't know. Admittedly, I originally saw it in a cinema but sooooooooo long ago. I was quite young and cannot recall the incident.
I remember that after she and Hank have the fight, and she throws her last $10 to him, he leaves and she is alone with the baby when the landlord turns up for the overdue rent.( From memory, the newspapers on her doorstep have the Monahan murder as a headline.) But all I can recall then is the drama because she has given him a dud cheque and she pleads for an extension until that night when her husband will return ( so she tells the landlord anyway.)

Then ( I think) she flees the apartment and hooks up again with her partners in crime.
I will be interested to see whether anyone else can resolve this for us.