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re Soldier of Fortune etc,

Well everyone, it looks like I have really started something here. Like Kerry said, we could easily think of 100 favourite scenes - no problem. There were many special scenes in David and Bathsheba - particularly one on the hilltop where Susan and Gregory Peck were lying on the grass. Her hair was so fantastic in this one - we have already discussed the hair Kerry haven't we?

Ginger - re Soldier - the part I always loved was when Gable left his house and was waiting by the car (a Bentley?) when Susan storms out after the tornado warning - she practically lit up the screen with electricity - never mind the storm!

Gloria - still on the subject of Susan's hair - yes, she did wear it up in The Fighting Seabees - and she did look lovely but I always preferred it long and loose. The part in I Want to Live that you mentioned I do not remember seeing. I was lucky enough to see it in Montana in 1959 as it was banned over here for eight months and then shown with parts deleted. The death scene was cut by, I believe, four minutes and is also cut out on the new DVD I have just purchased, so the British still can't see it in its entirety!!!

I must make a mention of one of my favourites - Untamed - Wow, what a combination Susan and Tyrone Power made. Here again her hair was so luxurious - there were lots of scenes I love but particularly in the green ball dress when she ascends the stairs into Tyrone's arms. They don't make them like that any more! I thought they were also great together in Rawhide.

I'll be going on all night at this rate so will say goodbye and Happy Valentine's to everyone.

Re: re Soldier of Fortune etc,

Trish: I always wondered why Susan didn't make more movies with Tyrone Power, since they both were under contract to 20th Century Fox. I agree that they made a great couple.

You're right about the scene where Susan comes out of Clark Gable's house. Boy, did she ever send out her own electricity! Here again, she and Gable were terrific together, yet they never made another picture together.

I certainly liked Susan's hair long and loose, but the upswept look was excellent on her as well. The woman just couldn't look bad, no matter what!

Re: Re: re Soldier of Fortune etc,

I AGREE....She lit up the screen...and the storm when she came out of that house! Watch out...for Lightning!