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"Valley of the Dolls" on Fox

"Valley of the Dolls" grossed over $20 million becoming the biggest money maker for Fox up to that time 1967. It also got and Oscar nomination for the music score (Dionne Warwick sang the titled song) but the critics hated it, the reviews were terrible. I love the scene where Barbara Parkins brings Helen contracts to sign and tears them up and tells Barbara
"Tell that --------! to get off his butt and earn his oats. Susan was the best thing in that movie with only the four short scenes she had. She received special billing at the end of the cast lists:
Susan Hayward as Helen Lawson"
SHowing on FOX channel Monday February 14 8 PM, but do check your local listings.

Re: "Valley of the Dolls" on Fox

Hi Ray.. that's the favorite scene in the film for me too. Susan outclassed and outacted everyone of the younger stars in that film. BTW, I always hated that toilet scene when Patty Duke tears off Susan's wig, but Susan played that particularly humiliating scene with great grace and style. I also loved her line (when referring to Neely)... "she never knew how to rrrroooooooooolll with the punches." Great line and greatly delivered. Thanks for the Fox tip..I have the film, but sometimes on Fox they show some perks such as newsreels, etc. pertaining to the film. I'll check it out.

My Review For "Valley..." From IMDB.com

VALLEY OF THE DOLLS (1967)"That cameraman is frying me!!!", 10 April 2002 by Blooeyz2001

It seemed liked one minute Patty Duke was playing cute lookalike cousins on "The Patty Duke Show" wearing flip/bob hairdos, & the next minute she was in this film boozing, pill popping, & sleeping around. It was a very big departure & an attempt to change her image. She said in her book, the director Mark Robson kept telling her to do scenes a certain way because "they're funny" & she would protest that they weren't supposed to be. I love this 1960's time capsule & can watch it a million times. I Love the jellybean colors, the clothes, the over-the-top dialog! Barbara Parkins was very beautiful & her character Anne is my favorite. Susan Hayward did not get enough screen time here. (Her character is very similar to Joan Crawford's in "The Best of Everything"). Some of the music leaves a lot to be desired, but the beautiful theme song sung by Dionne Warwick has stood the test of time. Unfortunately her version is not included on the soundtrack album, due to circumstances with her record company, so some "nobody" sings it, & she isn't even given any credit. Warwick released her version (produced by Burt Bacharach) as a single on The Scepter label, but it just isn't as good as the Dory Previn produced film version. For pure laughs try to track down the album "Patty Duke Sings Songs From Valley of The Dolls & Other Selections" (United Artists#UAS6623) where she sings her off-key versions of tunes from the movie on side 1 of the record. This was pure exploitation because Patty did not do her own singing in the film & when you hear this, you'll know why!

Re: My Review For "Valley..." From IMDB.com

Blooeyz, thank you for the very interesting review. I've always enjoyed Valley of the Dolls also, inspite of what the critics wrote and said about it.
Susan Hayward gave it class and her few scenes left us wanting more! It always saddens me to see the scenes with Sharon Tate now since we all know what happened to her not long after the film. Barbara Parkins was indeed beautiful in the film, but she's said such insultful things about Susan Hayward that I'm sorry to say Barbara Parkins totally turns me off now. I'd like to listen to Patty Duke's recording of the songs from the film--should be kind of interesting.. LOL