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Favorite Scenes: BACKSTREET

Here again, there are many scenes...but the ones that stand out to me are...

The Picnic scene where Gavin tells her that there will never be another picnic with Rae Smith..she tells him..not to say that..then picks up her drawing of him...runs...falls and he catches her, pulling her into his arms as they lie on the grass.

The scene where Susan says.."You know all the old cliches in life are true...you can't live your own life...etc" I wish I could remember all of that speech, because those words were sooo true!! Will watch the film again and get it all in my head..forever!

The FINAL scene: Susan alone in the house..the children coming to ask if they can visit her, since there is no one left in their lives...and Susan reaching out her arms to them...then the mirrored reflection of her and the children in the sketch she had done of him...as it hangs on the wall...
Oh...what an ending!!


Re: Favorite Scenes: BACKSTREET

Well, my favorite is still the one in the elevator when they first meet. But there were a lot of other goodies in this flick. How about when she's in Rome, coming out of her office and sees Gavin across the street watching in the reflection of a store window. The look of pure instant surprise and joy in her face before she recovers and tries to look professional when she greets him is priceless. I loved the line when Gavin takes her out into the country to show her a surprise -- the house he bought for them. He apologizes that the only piece of "furniture or accessories" is the picture she'd drawn of him years before and asks if she could "build a house around it." Why not, she answers, "I've built a life around it."

Oh boy.

Re: Re: Favorite Scenes: BACKSTREET

When I sign my name in cursive, "ginger" --I spell it with a little "g".. Why, you ask?...remember "rae"... all three little letters.. sort of chic, don't you think?"

Re: Re: Re: Favorite Scenes: BACKSTREET

And didn't Gavin say, at the time they first met in Rome, that he should have known the "rae" was her because she'd told him when they first met that she would be a famous designer some day and spell her name that way?

I loved another scene in the movie, too: When she goes out with Charles Drake to try to not see Saxon, and Vera Miles, drunk again, falls in the same restaurant when Susie passes her, leans over to help her and comes face to face with Saxon, who's picking her up.