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re re favourite scene My Foolish Heart"

This movie is one of my all-time favourites ... the theme song was so special ... believe I read that it was one of the most asked for songs to be played in cocktail lounges throughout the U.S. for many years. I especially like the scene with Susan and Andrews in the elevator just before the Dean appears. Her eyes were so beautiful and full of love - they just spoke volumes. What an actress! Also the part at the airport with Robert Keith when he spoke of Japanese lanterns ... and almost at the end when Susan is in the convertible with Kent Smith saying "it would be wonderful if I could think of you as mine". Her facial expressions were exquisite.

Errol - my favourite Back Street scene is the one you mentioned when Susan and John Gavinn have a picnic and I also love the part mentioned by Gloria. There were so many "special" parts in this movie.

My number 1 favourite is "I'll Cry Tomorrow". We were treated to so much in this one - Susan's singing for starters. I always thought she looked exceptionally lovely in so many scenes - particularly the dramatic ones. The part which leads up to her asking Jo Van Fleet to "leave me alone" - it was so realistically portrayed. Also the scene at the bar before Conte trips her up - just wonderful. I see this movie so often - just can't resist playing it.
I have mentioned previously about Susan singing
"Happiness is Just a Thing Called Joe" - then falling down the steps outside her dressing room. Why Anna Magnini had the Oscar is unbelievable as Susan really should have won it. There must have been a lot of irate fans that year!

Re: re re favourite scene My Foolish Heart"

Your right about losing the Oscar to that Italian broad. I was so upset, I couldn't sleep for days. I can't understand why the Academy chose her acting over Susan's. And to think this was her first US movie and won the elusive gold statue. Susan thought forsure she was going to win, she planned such a big party afterwards. OH well, that's Hollywod for you. Sometimes,..."It's who you know" Popularity has a lot to do with it.

Re: Re: re re favourite scene My Foolish Heart"

I've always thought the reason Susan didn't win for "I'll Cry Tomorrow" is that Hollywood was "paying her back" for being such a hard-head. But by the time she was in "I Want to Live," she had mellowed somewhat since she was married to Eaton Chalkley then and living in Carrollton. I guess HOllywood figured they'd punished her enough. Plus, her portrayal of Barbara Graham was the most searing of all her movies.

Re: Re: Re: re re favourite scene My Foolish Heart"

Well....most reports, at the time from newspapers, etc, seemed to think it was because of the suicide attempt. Most critics thought Susan had it 'bagged' and on it's way home with her...long before the awards were presented!

But in those days, a little 'bad publicity' went a long way and many were stunned that she had been so low and suicidal.

Of course, this movie has to be probally her best work, eventhough her other nomintaed films were all great too!

Like all of Susan's films, there are too many to say which were the 'favorite' ones...but I will always remember when she comes in the room, to find her mother, talking to her lifelong love...trying to discourage him from getting involved with Lillian any further. Danton...sugggests that they ask HER what she really wants....and then Susan responds that she wants...what HE wants...going against mother!

Her scene backstage, when she is going on drunk and stumbling...in that gutsy voice..'HERE WE GO AGAIN!'
and then the song...HAPPINESS IS JUST A THING CALLED JOE...as she leans, drunk against the piano. Gosh, what a performance.

and....the most heartwrenching scene, when she is no longer the 'star'...in the bar..and is reconized as the star Lillian Roth...This scene gives me chills each time I see it..."my name is Lillian Roth and I'm eleven years old...." The drunks all laugh...she joins in the laughing...in a half-crazed sense..half child..then woman...then..insane drunk..ALL IN ONE LAUGH...

NOT WINNING THE OSCAR...was the most 'cruel' mistake that the Academy could have done to her! She was at the TOP of her fourm. You just don't get any better than Susan was in this film! It's just not possible!

She played every factor of an actress in this film.

They did it to JUDY GARLAND with A STAR IS BORN. Then to SUSAN in I'LL CRY TOMORROW. Maybe that's what Judy and Susan had in common, when Susan came to the aide of VALLEY OF THE DOLLS...By demanding that they pay JUDY her FULL SALARY...or she would not do the film.

THey had this in common...They had both done their BEST WORK...and had been SHUNNED for it! NOW...IT'S TIME TO PAY THE PIPER...20TH CENTURY FOX!!! eRROL