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So ManyIngriguing Moments in Her Movies...

I just finished watching "I'd Climb the Highest Mountain," which I saw years ago. It's so amazing about Susan's pictures and their relevance to her real life.

We know of the sobering similarities between the illness that killed her and the part she played in "Stolen Hours." And the fact that she'd played an alcoholic in both "I'll Cry Tomorrow" and "Smash Up" and was close to -- if not being -- one herself. Not to mention the horrific possibility that she could have been killed because of location shooting on "The Conquerers."

Well, here I am watching her in "Mountain" and remembering that she'd met that restaurant owner, Harvey Hester (I think that was his name) while shooting that, kept up a friendship of a short with him, and he's the one who got her and Chalkley together. Then she winds up living in Georgia!

In "Mountain," she has dialogue that she says to Bill Lundigan, as her preacher-husband, that she finally understands the bible reference to a woman and her husband as "Whither Thou Goest, I Shall Go," and that's what she did with Chalkley in real life. She went as far away from Hollywood as possible.

I'm telling you, it's spooky how much her celluloid and real lives meshed at different points.

Re: So ManyIngriguing Moments in Her Movies...

Yes, Gloria...I agree with you, that many things in her films seemed to follow her in her own life.

I have found myself doing the very same thing, when watching "MOUNTAIN"...I thought, "Gee..little did she know that years later, she would be living in the rich earth of Georgia..and that her final resting place would also be there."


Re: Re: So Many Intriguing Moments in Her Movies...

I have read that Susan fell in love with Georgia while filming there. It must have been a complete and total transition from her Hollywood lifestyle and maybe this was what she was needing at the time.
"I'd Climb The Highest Mountain" is one of my favorite Susan Hayward films. I thought she was so
believeable as the preacher's wife. It always amazes me how she went so effortlessly and beliveably from Messalina, Jane Froman, her character in the western "Rawhide", and the pastor's wife in "Mountain"....among other films (Bathsheba).. wow she was busy in the early to mid 50's.. it takes your breath away. Anyway, "I'd Climb The Highest Mountain" is a soothing film to watch--positive and life affirming. I always feel good after I've watched it.. like I've been in a house of prayer! This is my mom's favorite film and she cries every time she watches it. This is one of the few Susan Hayward films I actually remember seeing in the movie theaters. My mom cried all through the movie , of course.. !