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Susan Hayward in the 40's

With the recent Birthdays for Tim and Greg. I want to share some of the comments recorded in the book "Susan Hayward in the 40'S" edited by G.D. Hamann. The book is part of a series of newspapers, motion picture magazines, book's, etc. to recreate to some extent some of the flavor of gossip of major 1940s movie stars. Especially in the movie magazines like Photoplay, Motion Picture, Modern Screen. It was always a joy to read these columns to see what the movie stars were up to. All these magazines have long been gone. Here are a few:
2-12-1945 LAX Louella Parsons
Susan Hayward and her husband, Jess Barker, have been told to expect twins.
2-21-1945 LAX Louella Parsons
Susan Hayward was still "out" following the birth of her twin boys, when they aroused her to be finger printed so there could be no mistake in identity. "fingerprints?" gasped Susie. "what have I done?"
3-8-1945 EHE Harrison Carroll
The Susan Hayward-Jess Barker twins named Gregory and Timothy, are still in the hospital, but their parents finally have a house and move in next week.
3-28-1945 HCN Lowell E. Redelings
First role for Susan Hayward since the birth of twin sons will be femme lead in RKO's "Deadline at Dawn"
2-19-1946 LAX Louella Parsons
Susan Hayward and Jess Barker had a long standing bet on whether it would be "Mamma" or "papa" their twins spoke first. The first word was dog "BOW-WOW,"
5-21-1946 EHE Harrison Carroll
Susan Hayward got back from New York location of "Smash Up" to find out that one of her twins sons, Timothy, had learned to talk and the other, Gregory, to walk.
5-23-1947 LAX Louella Parsons
Susan Hayward brought her twin sons to call on me. Gregory, who has red hair is the comedy member of the team. Timothy, who is blonde, is more serious. I"ve never seen a cuter pair in my life. Both of them are mimics. Each sang for me and presented me with a bouquet. I'll end this now, as I could on and on

Re: Susan Hayward in the 40's

Thanks...Ray....These are priceless! Good old Louella was always there for 'our gal'. I love the one about Susan being fingerprinted...ha!!


Re: Susan Hayward in the 40's

Ray, these are great little fragments from the press articles. I don't recall ever reading any of the ones you have mentioned. Thanks for the treasures.