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Has anyone ever noticed the scene played out at Aben Bloem, Capetown between Paul van Riebeck and his son Paul (acted by Kevin Corcoran). The little boy is in a scene near the beginning of the movie also when Katie and Shawn arrive in Capetown but this time he is the son of Maria de Groot! Don't know how they thought they would get away with it.

I really love this movie as Susan is as sensational as always. The musical orchestration is terrific too.

Re: Untamed

A pair of sharp eyes there Trish indeed. Must admit, I had never noticed that duplication. (Probably too busy checking Susan's hair to be sure it wasn't suffering any styling problem as in 'Soldier of Fortune" LOL )


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There is a CD available of the orginial motion picture sound track on "Untamed" music by Franz Waxman. This CD features Waxman's complete score, in stero and in chronological order. It's terrific!!!
From the 20th Century-Fox Fanfare to the Finale. It's worth every penny of $11.36.
Included is the booklet of "Untamed" like most CD's come with. The CD itself has Susan larger then life and Tyrone behind her. Just beautiful!

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Ray, how would we go about ordering the cd?... is there a special website.. thanks for the info.. and btw, with all the talk about Untamed lately, I decided to dust it off and watch it tonight! I haven't seen it in a couple of years.

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I read Ray's letter with great interest and would also love to have a copy of the cd. Would be thrilled if anybody could get hold of one for me and mail it on. Obviously, I would reimburse.

Hope you enjoyed watching Untamed Ginger as I just adore this movie.

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You can order the CD by logging on to www.filmscoremonthly.com, then click go to Online Store and click on CD, and if you'll scroll down to "Untamed" there it is. The price is now $19.95, but like I said it's worth every penny. This web-site
is very interesting and fun to browse thru. There maybe other CD's you may be interested in. I saw a few I'd like. Also there is a nice web-site honoring FranzWaxman.com. I was not aware he did so many great scores for great movies. I wonder if he ever received an Oscar. I know Alfred Neuman received one for "With a Song In My Heart" Soooo many things to write about. Good luck on the CD.

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Thanks for the info Ray...I have always wanted to get the music from this film...and...The Presidents Lady, which is one of the best music scores I have ever heard. I think Ginger has said the same, before.

As for FRANZ WAXMAN...here is a list of films he was nominated for...THE YOUNG AT HEART 1938...Alfred Hitchcock's REBECCA..1940...DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE..SUSPICION (Hitchcok) both 1941...OBJECTIVE BURMA..1945...HUMORESQUE..1946..SUNSET BOULEVARD..1950..(OSCAR WINNER**)..A PLACE IN THE SUN..1951 (OSCAR WINNER**)..THE SILVER CHALICE..1954

I happen to like Waxman's scores, so I looked these up for you. There is some very good movie scores here for anyone interested....Hope you enjoy Ray!! Errol

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Ray, thanks very much for the website info, and Errol, yes, I absolutely love the music from "The President's Lady", and would like to find the soundtrack.....

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Hey Errol, thanks so much for sharing this information on Franz Waxman. He did some wonderful, truly great scores for movies. I agree with you on the score of the "President's Lady" that one is a gem.
Another one I really like is Frank Skinner, who composed the score of "Back Street" Ofcourse I have that musical score, because it has Susan on the cover.