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March 14

I was in a hair salon getting my haircut when an announcement came over the radio that actress Susan Hayward had died. I remember the hairdressers around me talking about the news. I just felt like crying.

It's so wonderful to have her films still with us...they are such treasures!

Re: March 14

Ginger (and every other fan): Susan is like a fine wine. Her memory just gets better with age.

Re: Re: March 14

I remember that sad day like it was yesterday....in March 1975, I had a part time job, I got there shortly before 6:00 pm, as I was a few minutes early, I went into our break-room and sat with a friend of mine that knew I loved Susan Hayward...as soon as I sat down next to her, she asked me..."Did you hear the bad news?" I looked at her and asked "What bad news?".....she paused and said "Susan Hayward died today" I was so sad, felt like crying, got chocked up.
Rest in Peace my lovely lady. You will always be my favorite movie star. Thanks for all your films I have to remember you by.

Re: Re: Re: March 14

I too remember this day as my mother came specially to visit me with the sad news that our beloved Susan had passed away. She knew I would be so upset so wanted to be there for me.

Susan's sons and their families must be so proud to know of the love and respect being shown her from people all over the world.

Rest peacefully Susan.

Re: March 14

My mother rang me at work when the news reached Australia. She knew how highly I valued Susan Hayward as an actress.

Imagining a 30 year time frame since then seems odd - it really does not seem so long since she passed on.

Fond memories always


Re: Re: March 14

Time...has gone on, since she left this earth. But her memory will always be with me. Each time I look at her picture, or view once more, one of her fine films, I know that she has really never left us...the people who loved to see her performances.

I will always respect and love her. She will always have a very special place in my heart.

I only hope that others will find her rare talent and learn to love her films as I have, over the many years.

She left us too early in life...but what she left us, will always remain with us.

May you be at peace....Always, Errol Jones

Re: Re: Re: March 14

Oh! yes, you put this very nicely, Errol. I couldn't have put this any better.