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New Section 2 Scrapbook!!

Very good addition to Susan pages. Doubt if many of the message board contributors have seen these photos before.
Thanks, good job.

Re: New Section 2 Scrapbook!!

Trish: Excellent. As many photos as I've seen over the years, these were new to me.

Thank you.

Re: New Section 2 Scrapbook!!

Most interesting mix of shots - all of which were novel for me to view - thanks Trish, very much.

And congrats to Ginger for how well she effects the inclusion of them. For someone like me whose info tech skills are just above those of the Bushmen of the Kalahari, I am always amazed at the mastery many people have with web sites.


Re: Re: New Section 2 Scrapbook!!

I'm with you,Kerry. When I first got on computers, I hired somebody to come to my home and teach me word processing because I had once gone to a class and was embarrassed to not be able to keep up (of course, it was only a two-day course, so maybe I would have gotten better had I stayed with it there).

I remember to this day that the woman I hired (who has since become a very good friend) said to me at the start of our home-schooling sessions: "Now, Gloria, when you type the wrong word, DO NOT PUT WHITE-OUT ON THE MONITOR SCREEN!"

Words to live by, Kerry.

And like everyone else on Ginger's website, I am amazed at how proficient she is at this. And grateful.

Re: Re: Re: New Section 2 Scrapbook!!

Gloria - I daresay that we have similar brain hemisphere strengths.

I will probably get this wrong way round but if one is left hemisphere dominant I think that predisposes them to doing well with the concept of info tech and related matters.
For the right brain dominants, it often is a struggle and they will never be adept or highly proficient usually, but can learn to function well and adequately in such a field.

I am babbling much of this on memory of reading articles long back, but I think that we are usually fixed in this regard from a very young age - rather like being right or left handed. It governs the school subjects that we excel in with no massive effort, compared to those that even with gruelling hard study and extra tuition we can only be average at.

Presumably Ginger has strong left brain strengths (who knows, Wonder Woman Haydon may be super strong in both hemispheres-LOL) some people are.
But since the right also governs fantasy and imagination, we can be consoled by the fact that we are probably extra capable of appreciating her mastery of this modern and extraordinary skill.

Had Susan Hayward survived and been enjoying reasonable health today, like some of her peers, I can see her sitting at a computer, glasses perched on the end of her perfect nose, the titian hair perhaps grey, perhaps dyed to retain it's rich colour, and in that voice which could resemble smoky moonlight swearing at the screen when it locked up.


Re: Re: Re: Re: New Section 2 Scrapbook!!

Kerry: I too often think "what-ifs?" about Susan. According to some of the books I've read on her, when she was readying herself for the "Mame" show in Vegas, she had used a typewriter to write notes and letters to people associated with it (voice teachers, etc.). So I imagine she would have been using a computer like the rest of us.

Since she not only was an actress in high school, but excelled in science, maybe,like Ginger, she would have excelled in technology, too, without losing her creativity.

As for me, I guess I have to be content with our creative/imagination skills, such as they are. I learned a while ago I would never be a computer "geek."


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New Section 2 Scrapbook!!

These photos are amazing, beautiful array of photos of the Barker family. Very proud parents, I'm sure.
Thanks so much for your sharing.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New Section 2 Scrapbook!!

Thanks so much to all, and I'm happy that you enjoy the beautiful photos that Trish has sent... however.. to Kerry and Gloria.. I appreciate your kind words, but really and truly, I'm not very technical. The webpage plan I use is pretty easy. I don't have to be proficient in all that html stuff.. duh...when I get hung up on something really technical... like the computer freezing or the printer not printing, etc.. I scream for my husband.. he's not very artistic but is a technical person...believe me...I never learned how to set the timer on my vcr.. LOL...well,I guess I could have let you go ahead believing how intellectual I am...but whatever...I'm more artsy and don't think too many scientific thoughts.. ha..BTW...as for Susan Hayward, I think she had taken organ lessons and I would have loved to have had a chance to teach her piano...wow, now wouldn't she have been an interesting student, and I would have been a nervous wreck.. ha...Thanks again..

Re: New Section 2 Scrapbook!!

Wonderful photos! Besides a great memorabilia piece, there are some photos from "The President's Lady" that I've never seen before. Maybe they can be added here?