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Just getting in touch...new computer...

Hi Ginger. Was looking at posts on UNTAMED and the music by Franz Waxman. I have a Franz Waxman CD that includes music from several of his film scores and it opens with some of his music from UNTAMED.

Also included: ON BORROWED TIME, MY COUSIN RACHEL, DARK CITY, MY GEISHA, THE STORY OF RUTH, A CHRISTMAS CAROL. Especially interesting is the very dramatic score for MY COUSIN RACHEL.

Anyway, nice to be posting here again. Have to stop by once in awhile and see what's going on. My ROBERT MITCHUM article comes out in CLASSIC IMAGES in a week or so.


Re: Just getting in touch...new computer...

Neil, it's really nice to hear from you again. Congratulations on your new computer, and I hope that means we will be hearing from you more.

I'll look forward to your article on Robert Mitchum. I need to renew my subscription to Classic Images AND Films of the Golden Age.

Re: Re: And the printer is pretty neat too...

Thanks, Ginger.

The Dell All-In-One printer was easy enough to hook up and not only makes copies from the computer but can do so on its own--including glossy photo prints or printing from any original black-and-white documents or articles--in other words, it's also a photocopy machine. This new technology is great when it works!!


Re: Re: Re: And the printer is pretty neat too...

Neil, sounds like you are having fun with your new set up and yeah, enjoy it while it all works...ha