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Susan's Doubles

I have just been viewing My Foolish Heart and noticing the "double" yet again! It's the scene where Eloise supposedly gets out of the station wagon in Tennessee and runs up the steps to be told that Walt has been killed. (There is also a little slipup where Eloise and Walt get separated after hearing of Pearl Harbour on the car radio and she goes looking for him back at the stadium. At the top of the steps, her snood (I believe that's what her headgear was called) was hanging down the back of her neck and in the next frame was tidy once more!)

To get back to the double, the most obvious I have noticed was in Back Street when rae comes up into the street from the subway in New York with a bouncy wig! Immediately, she is superimposed with the street behind her and the wonderful Hayward walk on display, which the double couldn't replicate!

Just wondering if anyone has noticed a double in other Susan films?


Re: Susan's Doubles

Trish: Speaking of Back Street and a Susan double, do you remember the scene in which Rae is waiting for her lover to pick her up in his car? If that was Susan herself, I think she looked a little "dumpy." It was in that suit with what looked like a fur collar and cuffs. Was that Susie or a double?

Also, in Woman Obsessed, there was a scene in which Susan's character ran from the cabin, and I believe that was a double because her legs were thicker than Susie's.