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Thanks to Ray and Kerry

Ray and Kerry, thanks for letting me know about the unsavory post. These advertising people take advantage of personal websites..guestbooks, message boards, etc.. it's very annoying. I try to check the board every day but sometimes I forget.. Thank you again for helping me to keep Susan's website a class act as she was herself. ....Ginger

Re: Thanks to Ray and Kerry

More than happy Ginger. Yes indeed, when these intrusive websites, promising us products and that I CAN GET IT FOR YOU WHOLESALE, and I'D CLIMB THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN for my customers, show their faces on Susan's site it causes a HEAT OF ANGER and brings out THE FIGHTING SEEBEES and THE LUSTY MEN to attack them.

Once you have removed them and Ray has paid a SOLDIER OF FORTUNE to cripple their website, while I have paid a WHITE WITCH DOCTOR to hex them, they will have felt the wrath of THE REVENGERS and what looked to them like a HONEY POT of opportunity has become a GARDEN OF EVIL for them and such a LOST MOMENT will ensure that it will be they, not La Hayward, who WILL CRY TOMORROW. lol


Re: Re: Thanks to Ray and Kerry

Very clever, Kerry, and yes, I'd like to kick them onto some Back Street and believe me it would all be done With A Song In My Heart..!!

Re: Re: Re: Thanks to Ray and Kerry

Ginger: Unfortunately, you could get a Rawhide trying to deal with these people when you're in the Heat of Anger. Why let them rob you of Stolen Hours you'll never get back again.

Thank goodness Susie made so many movies!