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Legends are born to the world we inhabit.
They stay on life's course, using a source
of spirit, ambition and grit.

Legends are those apart from the norm
who continue to seek, week after week
the perfection that gives their lives form.

Legends don't come along every day.
This one came in June, at the cusp of the moon,
determined that she would stay.

Legends don't need a lot of time.
Like a flash in the sky, to admiring eyes,
they will always stay in their prime.

She was such a legend, for sure.
A comet-like star we'd loved from afar;
one we wish to have seen even more.

Only fifty-seven years when she passed;
too soon she left, and we were bereft.
But she gave us great memories that last.

Re: Legends

Gloria, thank you for your beautiful poetry honoring Susan. I hope you don't mind but I took it upon myself to make a permanent webpage of the poem which is linked to Susan's Homepage. For now the link to your poem is at the top of Susan's homepage.. by her photo. Thank you again for sharing your creative talent....Ginger

Re: Legends

Great work Gloria - I had read it on the homepage today before visiting the board. Ginger was right to give it a prominent home.

Yes 57 was such a short stint, and it is brought home when we read of the birthdays of many her still living contemporaries, Olivia De Havilland, Jane Russell, Joan Fontaine and many more.


Re: Re: Legends

What a beautiful poem Gloria, another tribute to your talent and the greatest STAR who ever lived.


Re: Re: Re: Legends

You did a magnificent tribute in honor of our Susan. Yes, she left us much too soon; but we have her films with us today to remember her by and ofcourse we can't forget this truly one-of-kind website that Ginger has organized. Thank you Gloria for once again lifting us up with your beautiful poetry.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Legends

Gloria...what a wonderful tribute to Susan. Thank you for sharing with us...and saying...what we would all like to say...But you say it sooo well, for all of us.