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Susan Hayward/Born June 30, 1917

I feel very cheated sometimes when I think about Susan Hayward leaving us so early. She had so much more of life to live...she could have enjoyed her children and grandchildren (and great-grandchildren!!) and given us more wonderful films-perhaps she would have learned how to find more peace in life and a lot more joy. I really think more peace and laughter would have come her way;however her fate was in the hands of a higher power who knew when it was time for her to go . I am thankful to have had the opportunity to have known her at least through her films. She had a unique way of relating to her audience. It seems ironic that a person who seemed to have some trouble communicating her feelings in real life could communicate them so beautifully and perfectly onscreen.....such is often the nature of an artist. I can tell you that I've certainly appreciated her very much over my lifetime. It's nice to be able to honor her today.

Re: Susan Hayward/Born June 30, 1917

Wonderful sentiments Ginger. You have captured my thoughts completely.

Susan has touched the lives of so many of her admirers with her talent, beauty and the inner glow which always seemed to surround her.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Susan ... You will always be remembered.


Re: Susan Hayward/Born June 30, 1917


Whatever you are you feel today and always the love we the fans have about you.

Thank you so much for the nice human being and actress you are. I say " are" because you are alive in our hearts, mainly when we see your excellent movies!

God Bless You!