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Since I am just getting in, from doing the show tonight...and since it is way past midnight now, I want to leave my message for Susan's Birthday now, instead of later in the day...

I hope Susan knows how much we all miss her and that our messages get through the great beyond on this, her special day.

I am going to sleep tonight, with Ginger's beautiful..
SUSAN'S SONG playing. It always seems to bring out all of the different moods and expressions that I can relate to...through Susan's wonderful performances and also....in her private life. There is so much expression in the song and I can't think of anything more beautiful to listen to...while thinking of her tonight.

Someone, just recently gave me some very good advice. He said it always worked for him, when things seemed low and hope was far away. This person told me to go out and look at the sunset...and thank God for this day and all that we have been blessed with.

I will take that person's advice...tonight...and think of Susan...as that sun sets....

With Much Love....Errol...