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Happy Birthday.....Edythe

Followings are captions from books on Susan:

"RED" by Robert Laguardia.

Tiny Edythe Marrenner was born on June 30, 1917, causing a great deal of commotion in the apartment at 3507 Church Ave. Her brother Wally, was already five and her sister Florence was seven. Walls remembers that he and Florence ran in and out of the apartment that summer, showing their friend their new baby sister. After the Labor Day holiday, when all the kids went back to school, baby Edythe seemed upset at the loss of attention.

"Portrait of a Survivor" by Beverly Linet.

Wally was five when his mother became pregnant for the third and final time. His baby sister, given the name Edythe, was delivered by one W.T. Pink of 160 McDonough Street on June 30, 1917, in the family's Church Avenue apartment. Mrs. Emslie, in keeping with Scottish tradition, put a shiney new dime in the baby's hand a few hours after her birth. It would be symbolic.

Yes, indeed it was symbolic. She became one of Hollywood's most beautiful and glamorous movie stars of all time and was loved all over the world.
.......Happy Birthday, Susie....and God bless you.