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I have just emailed Turner Movie Classics and told them how unhappy I am, to see that they NEVER give credit to our SUSAN on their STAR OF THE MONTH..or..BIRTHDAYS.

Now...during August..they have had STAR OF THE DAY and if you have been watching, you will know what I mean, when I say, It is time we spoke our piece and let them know that SUSAN IS BEING SNUBBED AND IGNORED ON THEIR MOVIE CHANNEL.

TODAY....is..DONNA REED DAY...(how uuggh..wodnerful!)
If you go to turnerclassicmovies.com YOU can check out the WHO'S WHO that they have given full day coverages to by showing one stars films all day long.

I will give you a few names, so you can see what I mean. JOE E. BROWN..IRENE DUNNE..FRED ASTAIRE..BUSTER KEATON..GLENN FORD..MAUREEN O' HARA..JOAN CRAWFROD (again)..BETTE DAVIS..(again)..NORMA SHEARRER..GRETA GARBO (again..again..and..again)..JUDY GARLAND..JANE WYMAN..FRED MAC MURRAY..JEANNE CRAIN..and on and on...

Some...or ALL of these stars deserve their 'Place in the Sun'..and some are IN THE SUN TOO MANY TIMES. They should be 'BURNED OUT', or the people watching the films, should be, since they are seeing the SAME STARS over and over again...but never others who deserve to be seen...like our SUSAN.

Since I'm home during the day and doing the shows at night, I watch a lot of TCM..and love their channel, but find it hard to take some of these stars and allowing them to have a DAY IN THE SUN, when my favorite is always forgotten.

I have had this burr in my bonnet ever since Susan's birthday...June 30th and there was no tribute to her, yet ALL MONTH LONG IN JUNE...was BIRTHDAY SALUTES...

I held out until now...and once again, she is being ignored, so I have written them and email, asking them to INCLUDE SUSAN in their Salutes to the Stars.

If you feel the same way, please go to
turnermovieclassic.com Go to 'feefback' and at the bottom of that page, you can send them a direct email and tell them you are a fan of SUSAN'S and would they PLEASE....make her STAR OF THE MONTH.

I also sent them a HUGE list of films that they can look for..and select. I also told them there were'MANY MORE TITLES..IF THEY NEEDED THEM'.

I have not done this to be nasty or mean...Just to open their eyes to the fact that SUSAN is being SNUBBED and by putting her films on for viewing, MANY MORE FANS will come her way. If her films are never seen, by younger film fans, they will be missing out on a great actress and a true beauty.

Hope you will join me in doing this.

Thanks, Errol


Thank you for your post, Errol, and I agree..Susan Hayward is left out of the loop a LOT on TCM. (I did once notice that they showed some films on her birthday but this was YEARS ago from what I recall. )(BTW.. it WAS nice of Fox Movie Channel to honor her birthday this past June)--I'll write a note of feedback to TCM...and I'm sure some of her other admirers will also.. thank you for the nudge. I get the impression that Robert Osborne of TCM really likes Susan (didn't he conduct one of her last interviews?)...A special "Private Screenings" of her would be great too.. such as they have done on Crawford (of course) and Bette Davis (of course) and
Greta Garbo ( of course) and Lauren Bacall ( well, I really like Bacall.. but Hayward is definitely in that league of actress and/or ABOVE)...well, maybe
they'll come around someday with a little help from all of us.. Thanks again.. Ginger


Ginger..I think it is going to take HER FANS to push the buttons with some of these people who have the power to keep her name among the GREATS!

I feel it is the only way that younger audiences will find out about her and how good she really was.

I also feel that there should be a film, whether screen or tv, about her life...and her long suffering illness.
Didn't they say that SUSAN was the longest living person with such a brain turmor?

I remember that years ago, there were plans to do a tv movie on her life and I've always wondered why that fell through. They had even mentioned ANN JILLIAN as someone who might play her. I remember saying..."JUST AS LONG AS IT ISN'T LINDSAY WAGNOER..." who did the most AWFUL tv-remake of "I WANT TO LIVE!"

Re: Re: Re: SNUBBING....SUSAN>>>

I've been away from my PC for a while and trying to catch up. Good for Errol I also emailed TCM and gave them my 2 cents worth. But you're right, Susan has been ignored. There used to be lots of her movies on TV, but it looks like their just disappearing. It's really sad to think how soon the public is forgetting such a beautiful and talented actress. When we discuss movies at work and I mention Susan Hayward., they ask me "who's that" and these co-workers are around 40-50 years of age. Yes, I do believe Robert Osborne loved Susan as an actress. Sometime ago on TCM they played "I Want To Live!" and Osborne went on to introduce the film and he gave Susan such a great nod for her acting in this film that he said and I quote "Susan's acting is by far the best female acting job of all time" and I have this on tape.

Re: Re: Re: Re: SNUBBING....SUSAN>>>

Good for Robert Osborne -- those are meaningful words coming from someone so knowledegable!


Way to go !!!!!!!!!! She is beautiful and well deserving.