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Just wanted to let everyone know that one of Susan's films, "I Can Get It For You Wholesale," is being shown as part of the Cinecon Classic Film Festival over the Labor Day weekend at the Hollywood Egyptian Theater. The annual event draws film buffs from all over the world and features rare vintage films and shorts, as well as films from the 1950s or later that have not been seen as much. Every year also includes in-person appearances by actors and filmmakers connected with the films, culiminating in a banquet where fans get to mingle with the featured guests. This year, Patricia Neal and Delbert Mann will be two of the honorees taking part. I am going to try to get a pass to see "Wholesale."

Anyway, I was quite pleased to see one of Susan's films being shown at such a prestigious event and wanted to let everyone know. Of course, it is always sad to realize that Susan missed out on all these events where stars get to participate in Q&As and receive accolades from fans. Then again, Susan didn't seem to care much for all that adulation. With age, though, maybe she would have come to see that being admired wasn't such a bad thing after all.



Jill, thank you for this info and I hope you get a chance to go.. and will give us the FULL report.. also, there is probably an Egyptian Theater website (I think I looked it up once) - it will more than likely have some info too.. I'll try to get the site posted here or if someone beats me to it, just go ahead an copypaste the url in the above "website" field.

I think Susan would have appreciated the love and affection that her fans still feel for her...I always feel cheated that she left us so soon.

Thanks again,Jill.


Hi Ginger:

Here is the Web site. Even tho the festival is held at the Egyptian, it is a separate entity from the Egyptian; hence, its own Web site.

Think you will enjoy looking at the lineup. "I Can Get It Wholesale" is the last film being shown that weekend (unfortunately). A friend from New York attends this festival every year, and I am amazed at his stamina. Don't know if I could watch that many films in one weekend. And my friend is no spring chicken!