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This picture of Susan

Ginger: This is one of the pictures of Susan that I really love. It's her typical "who do you think you're talking to?" look but with the vulnerability just beneath the surface.

Re: This picture of Susan

Hi Gloria.. yes, I love that picture also and Susan Hayward did have that tough/but sweet and vulnerable persona. I think that is why she was loved equally by men and women. Men thought she was sexy and beautiful and women thought she was sensitive and beautiful, yet strong. I always felt like she was on OUR side! I think women felt like they had a "sister" in her.

Re: Re: This picture of Susan

She was indeed one of those stars whose appeal crossed the gender divide equally.

I think another of her facets when appearing in what would have been termed "women's films" in the 50's, was that despite often dire circumstances in the plot there was no self pity or utter helplessness. Her charcaters simply refused to feel sorry for themselves. 'Eloise' from "My Foolish Heart" would be a case in point.


Re: Re: Re: This picture of Susan

Yes, this is a lovely picture of Susan especially in colour with mauves and purples in the dress. I believe her persona did appeal equally to men and woman and she has had a very special place in my heart for fifty five years. There will never be another actress to come close to Susan Hayward in my opinion - she had that special quality which, when on screen, your eyes were rivetted to her and nobody else got a look-in.

Thank heavens for video and DVD players as we can all enjoy seeing this wonderful lady whenever we please - which is pretty often in my case.

Having just obtained Young and Willing and seeing it again after over fifty years, it is obvious how strong a character Susan was on screen - even back in 1942. She absolutely stood out above the other actors and looked gorgeous with hair flowing and eyes flashing - did anybody ever have such wonderful eyes as hers - so expressive?

I could go on and on extolling the virtues of our dear Susan but words fail me sometimes! Suffice to say I am so grateful to use the Board to communicate
with like-minded friends and many, many thanks to Ginger for providing same and working so hard for us.

It is especially heart-warming to know that Tim reads our letters and he must be so proud of his mother and the legacy she left behind in the form of miles of celluloid to be still enjoyed by so many of us.

I am always saddened by the fact that Susan didn't have a fan club when she was alive. It seems she never really realised how loved and adored she was then. Still, she knows now.


Re: Re: Re: Re: This picture of Susan


I thought Susan was so strikingly beautiful in Young and Willing...especially in the kitchen scene when she was wearing that "black" dress. I was sorry to read in a biography of William Holden where he had mentioned that "Young and Willing" was his worst film...I enjoyed the film very much and not only because Hayward was in it.. anyway, I don't think it was anything personal because I believe he and Hayward remained on friendly terms.. she playing opposite him later on in The Revengers...