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Trish's Susan Hayward Scrapbook/Section 3

Hi Everyone...

TonightI completed Section 3 of Trish's Susan Hayward Scrapbook. You can get to it from the link above or from the homepage at the top near Susan's photo. I'll send out an email about it but wanted to get the info on the messageboard first.

Many thanks to Trish and her friend Barbie for getting these photos to me. I apologize for being so long in getting this latest section done. I look forward to more photos when Trish and Barbie have time to send them, and hopefully I can get them online more promptly.

Thanks so much Trish for contributing so beautifully to the webpage and Susan Hayward's memory.

Re: Trish's Susan Hayward Scrapbook/Section 3

I was privileged to see some of Trish's scrapbook collection during her recent Australian trip and she really does have some wonderful Susan Hayward material.

Now all we need is for someone to identify the "unknown actor" with Susan on page 2 - lol.


Re: Re: Trish's Susan Hayward Scrapbook/Section 3

I'm sorry I spelled Barby's name incorrectly previously...

Kerry, how lucky you were to get to meet Trish and actually view some of her collection up close and personal!

Yeah, whoever that actor is -- is the 64,000 question.. however, if anybody knows the answer, I can't afford to give him/her 64,000.. ha

Re: Re: Trish's Susan Hayward Scrapbook/Section 3

To me the unknown actor looks like combination of Bill Williams and Dennis O'Keefe.

That's the best I can do!

Re: Trish's Susan Hayward Scrapbook/Section 3


Thanks to Trish and you (and Barby) for showing us more snippets into Susan's life and career.

Re: Re: Trish's Susan Hayward Scrapbook/Section 3

Hello everyone,

It's lovely to see the new pictures of Susan on the Board and hope some will be new to you.

Thanks again to Ginger for her expertise and it's been my pleasure to forward on these pictures.

I don't know who the "unknown actor" is either. I am surprised Kerry didn't recognise him as he is so knowledgeable regarding stars and films. Obviously, this man didn't make it up the ladder of fame as did our gorgeous Susan.