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The Mystery Man

Re that pesky identity of the "unknown actor" that we were discussing in the previous thread.

I had an idea that he resembled Dick Foran but was far from certain. However, I did some fossicking around and found that in 1938 there was a film called "The Sisters" which was a Bette Davis / Errol Flynn vehicle but it had Dick Foran in the cast and a young Susan Hayward (she was an uncredited telephone operator).

I don't recall seeing the movie so have no idea if it was a shot from it (although I doubt it ?) but may just have been either a publicity snap or similar ?
Any thoughts ?


Re: The Mystery Man

Kerry, I'm not familiar with Dick Foran, although the name is familiar. I did see The Sisters but even though I've always read and heard that Susan is in it, uncredited, I never could find her in in...well, it seems they might have shown the back of her as a telephone operator. It's been several years since I've seen the film so I don't remember anything about Dick Foran in the film.

Re: Re: The Mystery Man

Just to throw a spanner in the works, so to speak, could the mystery man be John Hartley? Look at page 58 in Eduardo Moreno's wonderful book on Susan. There are a couple of pix of him with Susan from $1,000 a Touchdown. I am hoping to get a copy of this movie so was checking it out and came across the pix. What do you think Kerry and Ginger?


Re: Re: Re: The Mystery Man


I will have to depend on Ginger to respond here, as although I have read the book in question, it belonged to a friend in Brisbane who loaned it to me and I have since returned it.

I cannot recall the Hartley photo at all, but I will try to scrounge up some photos online and see how similar he looks to our "mystery man".

( I have not completely given up on the possibility of Dick Foran either - lol)


Re: Re: Re: Re: The Mystery Man

Kerry and Trish.. I'll check out the photo in my book. Also, I have a rather not so great copy of "Touchdown" so I might get a chance to watch it this week-end. The name James Hartley doesn't ring a bell to me.