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Quote From Which Hayward Film/No. 2

Please, that's for the five that didn't come back.

Re: Quote From Which Hayward Film/No. 2


This is probably from The Fighting Seabees when Susan, playing Connie Chesley is about to sit on a seat at an empty table which is laid up for the five Seabees who were killed. I think Eddie (William Frawley) spoke the actual words.


Horse Riding

I have often wondered where and when Susan learned to ride. She obviously is at ease when she rides in numerous of her films. Does anyone know?


Re: Re: Quote From Which Hayward Film/No. 2

Trish, you are absolutely right. The quote is from The Fighting Seabees and it was a scene with Susan and William Frawley.(Willam Frawley btw was so great in those old films even though I think he will always be more well-remembered for his role as Fred in the I Love Lucy series).

Re: Horse Riding

Trish, I've always noticed that Susan was a good rider. I don't know what her background is regarding her ability.. seems odd for a gal from Brooklyn but maybe she was given lessons for her various westerns..one that comes to mind is Canyon Passage.

Re: Re: Re: Quote From Which Hayward Film/No. 2

Trish & Ginger:

I remember seeing a picture of Susan when she was a litte girl in Brooklyn in which she was standing next to a horse. It might have been in that A&E Biography of her, I'm not sure, so it might be that she took lessons as a child. It does seem odd, though, considering that her family was poor. As to living in Brooklyn, I can tell you that when I lived in Philadelphia as a child there were riding stables and lessons given. Still are. So it isn't rare. Maybe Tim could enlighten us?

Ginger: Another stunning pix of Susan. I remember she wore a yellow dress in "Back Street," but I think it had a different neckline.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Quote From Which Hayward Film/No. 2

Gloria, now that you mention it, I remember that photo of Susan as a child standing by a horse. And I wasn't thinking really.. of course , people in the cities would have access to riding lessons. She did seem to be an excellent rider and it couldn't have all been "camera work."

Yes, I love the photo of Susan in yellow. Yes, I think you are are right about the yellow dress in Back Street-there was a difference in the neckline but the color and material seem similar don't they?