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Quote/From Which Hayward film?/No. 3

"He's eating a root of some special sort to sharpen his wits.. now he's gonna roll the bones.. no fooling.. in that stinking catskin bag he's got a couple of dozen bits of bones from the hind legs of anteaters, and tortoises, baboons, and whatknot..from the pattern that they will make when he throws them on the ground, he'll be able to diagnose what ails me."

Re: Quote/From Which Hayward film?/No. 3


Would this be Harry Street (Gregory Peck) talking to Helen (Susan) in Snows of Kilimanjaro?

This is the movie where Director Henry King played the part of the hyena as his laugh sounded more like the real thing!!


Re: Re: Quote/From Which Hayward film?/No. 3

Trish, you are correct!...I didn't remember the info about King .. interesting!... I watched the film again this week.. hadn't seen it in quite a while..enjoyed it immensely once again!