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Susan Hayward and Julie Newmar

I saw a biography on Julie Newmar today. It was one of those A&E bios. I think the bio was probably at least 5 years old. They showed a couple of scenes from Susan Hayward films. One, of course, was "Marriage-Go-Round" in which Julie Newmar starred with SH. They showed a scene between Julie and Susan. They also showed a scene of Susan from "Demetrius and the Gladiators." Julie Newmar was a starlet at the time and was one of the middle eastern type dancers in the film.

The bio was very interesting and I had forgotten that Newmar had played the original catwoman on the Batman tv series. Also, I hadn't know that at age 36, she gave birth to a baby boy who had down's syndrome. Her son, a few years later, contracted meningitis, and became deaf also. Julie has been dedicated to taking care of her son and making his life as happy as possible. I don't know what the latest is on Julie Newmar.. if she's still living or what has happened to her son..the bio made me more curious about her. She was definitely a knock-out beautiful woman.

The bio mentioned that Julie had starred in the Broadway adaptation of Marriage-Go-Round (Claudette Colbert played Susan's role). Julie Newmar won a Tony for her performance. The transfer from stage to film wasn't quite successful, although I really enjoyed the film (even though I didn't think James Mason complemented Susan). Julie Newmar seemed to be the focus of that film. Well, you have to admit Julie Newmar was a scene stealer. I thought she and Susan worked well together.

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Click on the website link for a photo of Julie Newmar, taken with a fan at a Trek Expo, in June 2005.

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I posted the last post & meant to write Julie Nemar (6/05) in the subject line. - Steve

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Steve, I was beginning to think that Julie Newmar had posted.. LOL... well, thanks for clarifying and the photo is really good.. She is still drop dead gorgeous.