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Hold Back The Dawn/Vintage Radio Shows/Susan Hayward

I recently purchased a set of cds from ebay which have several vintage radio shows starring Susan Hayward. Tonight I listened to "Hold Back The Dawn", (1941) starring Susan Hayward along with Charles Boyer and Paulette Goddard. As was customary in those golden Hollywood days, many of the popular movies of the day were adjusted to be broadcast on radio. This particular show was on The Lux Radio show. It is a real treat to listen to...after the show, there is a little impromptu bantering amoung stars...Susan and Paulette were plugging the glories of Lux soap.. ha!...very fun and entertaining. Susan is so good in this show. She plays the naive school teacher whom Boyer marries so that he can enter the US legally....great stuff. I'm looking forward to the others. I'll report back as I listen. These seem to be an ongoing available product on ebay.. click above (hopefully, the url will work) for details....Ginger

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It's worth getting these tapes just to hear Susan's beautiful voice. I'll check it out.


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Ginger and Gloria,

These cd's are just wonderful and as Gloria said, just to hear Susan's melodious tones is thrilling.


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Gloria, yes, the cds are really enjoyable and labeled nicely. They are worth the price. I've always enjoyed listening to Old Time Radio...wow, these shows really take you back in time...they are definitely a great escape. I even enjoy the commercials!....we have certainly become more sophisticated but I'm not sure if we're much better!

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You're so right. Even now I can remember my mother ironing in the evening in the living room so she could join my father and me in listening to great old radio shows like Mr. Kean, Tracer of Lost Persons (maybe that's how I got my liking for true crime!), Sergeant Preson of the Royal Mounted and his trusted dog, King, The Green Hornet and others. Today's radio programs usually have some jerk screaming at the callers and calling them morons or worse.