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Quote/From Which Hayward film?/No. 4

"I heard about the most marvelous new diet the other day...guaranteed to take 5 pounds a week off you....you don't eat anything but crow."

Re: Quote/From Which Hayward film?/No. 4


This dialogue comes after the scene where Susan as "Ada" confronts the ladies at the teaparty and admits she is "a sharecropper's kid from off the Delta Road".

I think Susan is gorgeous in Ada and believe she was applauded by friends after this scene when it was viewed with friends as she was seriously ill. She had requested a screening.


Re: Re: Quote/From Which Hayward film?/No. 4

Trish, you are correct.. the quote is from "Ada"...yes, Susan was beautiful (as always) in this film and was perfect for the role of Ada. I had read that she and Dean Martin weren't crazy about each other, but I thought they were actually good together in the film. I think I remember reading that she had requested a screening of Ada while she was ill. It's been quite a while since I've read through some of her bios. I need to go back and refresh a little."Portrait of a Survivor" by Beverly Linet is my favorite one. It seems to be the most thoroughly researched and most thoughtfully written one.

I watched Ada this past week.Martin Balsam and Wilfred Hyde-White were excellent their roles also.

I love the "hen party" scene where Ada tells off the "eating high off the hog" snobs. Nobody could deliver a "set the record" straight line better than Susan.